Drexel University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A Drexel student is someone who is driven and school oriented. Our social lives revolve around school work and you can see many a student studying together. There is little focus on sports and school spirit. Students here are more like adults than other universities.


If you want to create something, innovate something, or BE something, then this university if for you. People that work hard and are determined to succeed should attend this school.


Driven students should attend Drexel. Drexel is a year round school that switches between work and school, and it does so very fast. It is not the kid of school for people that want to party all the time, a good amount of your time will be spent studying. It is also geared to people who want to make sure they are choosing the right career. The Co-Op program ensures this by having students work in acutal jobs for 6 months at a time.


I would not recommend Drexel if you like to take your time. Because of the quarter system time goes really fast and you really need to pay attention and study from day one. Furthermore this school is not famous yet. While it is getting there and there has been a lot of positive changes over the past years, I would go to another school if you are really looking for that brand name.


A person who knows what they want to do and is ready for a fast paced environment should attend Drexel. It's on the quarter system and alternates between six months of class and six months of working experience.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is able to focus on their school work while still being able to have a good time. I had many friends that lost control and were not able to handle growing up. With more freedom came more responsiblity. As thier social lives florished thier academics did not. They struggled to maintain their grades and when that did not work they gave up.


Anyone who knows exactly what they wish to major in and what career they want with that major should attend. If that is not the case, then the student will not get very far at Drexel and it will be hard to graduate on time.


A student at this school needs to be prepared to put in a lot of time for studying and assignments if they want to get good grades. The student should care about his or her grades and really strive to obtain a meaningful internship. Time management skills are very important because it is difficult to find a balance between a social life and studying.


You should have a good idea of what you want to do and and already be committed to it. It's not the place for finding out what your dream is, but will give you the resources to achieve it.


Harkworking, innovative and progressive people. Our president is supportive of new ideas and new ventures presented by students


The kind of person that should attend this school is the type of person that works hard and likes working hard. Someone who can think for themselves and know what they want to do in life. Also, someone who can handle the fast pace of the classes because Drexel is on a quarter system, so we change courses four times a year, not just twice like at semester colleges. You should also not mind not having a summer vacation, we go to school all year round.


Students who are motivated to learn, interested in research, smart, resourceful, and want a lot of work experience before graduating should attend Drexel. However, it is very expensive. Despite the price, the return on investment is very high.


So far I've seen and interacted with a wide variety of students, so I think just about anyone would be welcome. You just have to be willing to put work in to make your experience more enjoyable.


Somebody looking to get a jumpstart on their career. Especially someone interested in a practical field like engineering or business.


A person who is very hard-working that can take constructive criticism; a person who wants to succeed in life and will do whatever it takes to get a job right out of college.


A person who is not pretentious and wishes to attend a realistic, modern, urban school. Additionally, anyone who is looking for a bright, new look will be impressed by Drexel's panoply of newly constructed buildings. Those from a rural setting will be thoroughly educated by the diversity of a large cultural mecca. Those that are more career focused opposed to interest in academia will also prefer Drexel due to its career fairs, company recruitment, and well-renowned co-op program. Students that have a strong committment to the environment will also be pleased with many of Drexel's policies.


A person who likes to give back to the community of Philadelphia, who doesnt mind sometimes being isolated from the social atmosphere and would like to focus on school and become closer with thier professors. Also a person who has great time-management and a great work ethic or wants to gain work experience in thier choosen field. Moreover, a person should attend Drexel University if they like urban, fast-paced, and an easily navigated environment surrounded by great businesses, hospitals, and teaching institutions.


Drexel focuses on its Engineering and Business programs with state-of-the-art labs and buildings. Although, students of various majors attend Drexel, magority of the students that attend Drexel are pursing a degree in Engineering or Business due to its highly ranked co-op program.


Any student majoring in Engineering or nursing that is willing to work his or her butt off to get where they want to go in life.


A person that is career driven, sure about their major, and devoted to learning much about their field is the right kind of student to attend Drexel. Drexel focuses on developing your career from day 1 of freshman year, and has a co-op program that incorporates mandatory internships in your field of study.


An individual that exemplifies: ambition; dedication; loyalty, motivation; dedication; a positive attitude; leadership; sportsmanship; trustworthiness; compassion towards others (regardless of race/ creed or color); courteousness towards peers and faculty members; a willingness to learn; not hesitant to ask professor(s)questions if they are puzzled about a particular course concept; passionate about learning; passionate about their future; cooperate with students and faculty members in a respectable fashion; proficiency in the English language; capable of writing grammatically correct sentences; strong math skills; competent in completing work on time; capable of accepting constructive criticism from professors.


someone who is motivated, driven, knows what they want out of life


The kind of person that should attend this school is smeone who is looking to major in Engineering, Music Industry, or any of the Scientific fields. I am actually transferring, but if you enjoy the city and wish to major in any of the above majors. I would strongly recommend looking into Drexel. It is a lot of fun and right near Center City. So you are sre to have a blast.


Drexel University is a very diverse and large school. If you a a person that likes to be in a big school with large classes, then Drexel University could be for you. Also, Drexel University has three terms each school year. Therefore, a person needs to be a hard worker and fast learner, because a ten week term goes by extremely fast.


Any person looking to attend a school with a rich heritage, and years of academic excellence.


The kind of person that should attend Drexel University is a person that is not afraid of learning alot at a fast pace. They should be willing to get hands on experience and they should not be afraid to jump right into their profession to get real job learning experience. The people who attend drexel have to be willing and able to think of ideas on their own and apply these ideas in the classroom. My school is for people who want to actually experience being what they're learning to be while they are in school.


Someone open minded and ready to take contol of their lives!


Anyone who has an idea of what they want to accomplish post highschool may consider attending Drexel. I feel that students who want a hands-on experience with their possible future career should attend this school because of our 1-3 co-op opprutunity.


This person is self-motivated and hardworking. He or she is always eager to learn new things. He or she is very ambitous in life , have carreer goals and dreams. This person is dreaming big in life.


The kind of student that should attend Drexel University is one that should be hard working, responsible and intelligent. You are required to take terms instead of semester's so essentialy you are doing about the same if not more work, in a lesser amount of time. That is where the responsible part comes in, in order to balance and juggle your personal life with your school activities.


Career focused individuals, specializing in engineering, arts, or sciences.


If you are someone who genuinely enjoys learning and you have an innate curiosity about why things work, then Drexel is for you. If you are only interested in if someone you know is having a party on a Wednesday night, then attend some other university. Your priorities need to be straight; school first, then extracurricular activities and your social life. If you are dedicated to self-improvement, and want to get as much as you can out of your degree, you will find Drexel to be a place of great opportunities and scholastic excitement.


A smart, outgoing person who enjoys city life.


Someone who is a driven individual and has all the facts about their programs. There are many unspoken rules.


The school is very good for people who want experience and learning combined. The co-op experience give hands on training.


Drexel is for career minded individuals who know what they want out of their education and their life. It is a place for people who are responsible and have good time management skills. It is also a place for anyone who wants research and real world working opportunies to be a part of their education.


Someone who has career goals in mind and really wants a taste in the work field.


Engineers, Sciences, Law, Business interested people. People who are willing to work hard. People who want some experience in their field before they graduate, the co-op program is the best part of this school. People who know what they want their major to be. People who are independent.


A person who is goal and career oriented with a passion for learning and being socially active.


Someone who is very passionate about their work and is willing to go all the way for what they want. Undeclareds should not come here or they will get eaten alive or they will end up spending at least 5 years here.


A student that is interested in gaining internship opportunity. Drexel has excellent co-op programs.


Someone who is ready for a fast paced learning environemnt, and looking for real world experience.


A Drexel student is very academically focused. Willing to be challenged in the classroom. Able to handle stress. And it should be someone that can afford this school. It's a very expensive school.


Overall the students should be career oriented, but can fall into one of two categories. One, if a student knows what industry they want to work in but is unsure of what to do, Drexel's co-op program would be great for them. If enrolled in the three co-op program, students have three six month terms to experiment with different jobs in the industry they like. The second type would be students who have a good idea of what they want to do and can then focus their co-ops on gaining valuable experience and networking opportunities.


Someone who is going somewhere in life.


Someone who is willing to devote themselves to their work for at least a few hours before going out for the evening.


all types, artsy people


Drexel University is an engineer oriented school. They have one of the best engineering institutes in the country. Nonetheless, DU is a highly diverse university accademically. I am highly satisfied with the knowledge I've aquired attending Drexel University's School Of Education. I believe anybody who want to evolve as a person. I believe Drexel University has helped me grow accademically and individually.