Drury University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I love Drury. The only thing I wish I could change is the options for online degrees. I always wanted to pursue a degree in accounting, but it was not an option at Drury. I settled for pursuing a BBA.


The worst thing I consider about Drury would be when they tore down one of the old buildings on campus.


Worst thing is probably the price. It's expensive, don't get me wrong, which is why I'm filling this out. I wouldn't be doing it if it weren't worth it though. Every single professor I've had knows my name, my strengths and weakenesses, and is willing to joke around with me in class and out. The personal touch and individual interest is really what makes Drury special, and I'm willing to work to go there.


Some students don't believe in themselves--low self esteem, maybe a little too conservative politically.


It is much more expensive to go during the day, and if you want to be pre-med, you have to attend day courses.


The worst thing about Drury is the lack of sporting facilities. It would be nice to have a bigger rec center or a state of the art basketball court.


Nothing, i love Drury. It's the perfect school for me.




I wish the fitness center was better but a new building is in development in the coming years.


The worst thing about the school would have to be the parking situations! We definitely need much more space for residential and nonresidential students to park.


The GP21 (Global Perspectives, required 21 hour minor) curriculum is the worst. Most of it is theoretical and fairly useless, and makes students feel guilty if not outright depressed by the amount of problem-based (rather than solution-based) discussions and lectures. I think if Drury altered this program to be not only more positive, but to change the focus from how the world affects you to how you can affect the world individually, the school would be a much better place.