Duke University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you have your future completely made out in your head you should not attend Duke. Duke is for only those students who need to try out that social anthropology major, to learn capoeira, to make mistakes. Students that aren't willing to make those valuable mistakes and who only see their one goal in the future will not take advantage of the millions of opportunities Duke has to offer. You might as well save your money and go to an education specific school. I can guarantee this.


A person who's very shy, lacks confidence and doesn't like or thought college would be the end of a competitive environment.


Unmotivated students who prefer not to work hard or take academically rigorous classes would find difficulties at Duke.


People who are unmotivated and not willing to work to be successful shouldn't come to Duke. Also people who think that college is all about partying and having fun don't really belong here because it's so much more than that.


A person who justs wants a degree should stay away from Duke University.


Exteremely poor, unmotivated, and weak-minded students.


Fast-track individual who wins numerous science and/or math awards in high school. I know someone who really felt like he got nothing done here, and he had won a major award in high school.


If you aren't career-oriented or care enough about classes, Duke won't be easy. Students shouldn't come just for the prestige, but should care about the opportunity to learn and practice their craft.


Either with an intellectual curiosity that can be fostered by the expertise of the specialized faculty the university has to offer, or the driven student wanting to succeed and use the university as a stepping stone towards financial stability


Someone who doesn't take their work seriously should not attend this school.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not driven and who does not studying.


People who are not interested in competing for grades may find the academic climate to be stressful. There are competative curves in a lot of classes and there is generally a pretty strong emphasis on grades.


people looking for an intimate learning experience


One who is not self motivated or competitive.


everyone should attend this school


Someone who doesn't like getting involved or who isn't very social


Creative, artistic, emotionally mature people will have a harder time finding happiness here.