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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?




Like I said, Duquesne is just like any other school that is not a Catholic University


Duquesne Stereotypes: Duq is known for it's good pharmacy school in particular, and law, nursing, and music school, as well. Frats and sororities are big here. Student stereotypes: absolutely true




For a lot, yes


Many students are Catholic because Duquesne is a Catholic school, but a lot belong to other sects of Christianity, are Jewish, other religions, or nonreligious. We have a high commuter population and Duquesne is very well-respected in Pittsburgh, so a lot of students are from the Pittsburgh area, but there are students from around the country and international students, although sometimes it feels like everyone is from Pittsburgh. Duquesne is a private school and a lot of students do come from wealthy backgrounds, but with financial aid, there are plenty of people from diverse economic backgrounds like myself.




Yes this is true if you are not looking to be in either one of those do not come to Duquesne because that is what it is about.


Not really. There are a fair share of wealthy students that drive mercedes and only wear Coach or Gucci merchandise but that is certainly not the majority. Most people (like me) have worked their butts off for scholarships and have taken out loans to go to Duquesne so they do not take their education lightly. Everyone is very dedicated to working hard and getting the most out of their time at Duquesne.


To some extent, because there are a lot of fortunate people at Duquesne from PA and there are a lot of pretty girls but there are a lot of people that go to Duquesne because they recieved a lot of scholarship money or have a lot of loans, like me. There are a lot of average students as well.


No, many of the athletes are on scholarship and alot of my friends get their tuition paid for if their family member works for Duquesne or a connecting branch of Duquesne.


none of these are true.


there are many pretty girls and many students with wealthy families, but there are also many that don't fall into these categories...


Somewhat, i have met many people that are like this but also many people are very nice and would help you with anything.


These stereotypes are inaccurate for the most part. A majority of the students are not like that, but there are some that are. It is like that with any stereotype of any group of people.


The student population does tend to be leaning toward the higher end of the economy, however I do not feel that the majority of those individuals are cocky about it. I think the girls are extremely attractive. Our basketball team is up and coming however outside of that there is not much interest in any other sports.


while, most students at Duq. come from wealthier families, most students are from working middle class. Duquesne has students from all over the country but most are local. Duquesne has high tuition because it's a private school, because of this people think the school only wants money.


Yes for the most part, though there is a very small diversity -- most students at Duquesne are upper middle-class and white, and in fact most shop at JCrew.