Duquesne University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The peaceful and serene atmosphere with excellent professors ready to help.


Duquesne University is not only one of the most highly and respected establishments of higher education in the world, but also one grounded upon the values of faith and reason. As students, we are expected to maintain quotas of unwavering academic integrity, discipline, determination and scholastic apptitude but also further develop as individuals. It is with self assurance, conviction and a strong sense of character that we learn to succeed in life, bettering ourselves through education and moral exploration at Duquesne. What we learn here is not found soley in books, but what lies within.


I usually address the stigma attached to the university, which is commonly called South Hills University based on the idea that most people that go to the college are from the Pittsburgh area. It's true that alot of people go here from Pittsburgh, but Duquesne is far from the 13th grade most people think it would be like. It's really easy to make friends for out of towners too, all you have to do is friend a local and your in.


The people on Duquesne's campus are some of the most intellectual, but caring people I've ever encountered. We hold doors for each other, we study together, we help each other. There is a very strong sense of community here, but there is enough diversity for any student.


The social life is exciting. Living in the city brings a lot of opportunities for free-time. Also, the school is on a hill that separates itself from the city, so it is very close yet the area nearest us seems very relaxed and not busy like most city life.


I mostly love the small classes the the exciting life of living in a fairly big city.


It's small, and everyone's friendly


Duquesne is a pretty small campus, it takes me only 5-6 minutes to walk completely from one end to the other. Also almost all of my classes have under 25 students which makes it much easier for asking questions and understanding the material.


Duquesne is in the middle of downtown pittsburgh but you wouldn't know it by being on ecampus, unless you were to look around at the amazing skyline. Duquesne does a good job of keeping the campus safe too. Also, for being a catholic school, they don't force any of the religion onto anyone, it actually makes it nice because we can talk about things that would be not PC in public schools And we have two starbucks.


How great my major is (Athletic Training) It is an excellent program that is taught by very knowledgable professors. The clinical experience we receive really prepares us for our future career.


There's free laundry, carpeted and air-conditioned rooms, and beautiful views of Pittsburgh. Geographically, you know that you're in the middle of Pennsylvania's second largest city, but when you're on campus that isn't so obvious anymore; you don't realize that you're only a five minute walk from the center of Pittsbugh's downtown.