Duquesne University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I am in the second degree nursing program, so I have limited experience with the other students. The best person for my program is someone who is academically and career focused. This is not the program for a student who is still discovering themselves. This program consists of 24 credits per semester and will leave little time for a social life.


The type of person who should attend Duquesne University is someone who is ready to be challanged. The course work is very rigorous and comprehensive and will definetly challange you even if AP classes in highschool did not. Expect to have to study, but also to have enough free time to have fun. This campus is not for "bad kids." They have a huge police force who will stop you if you are into anything you shouldn't be.


This school is really flexible for any type of person. There were really a variety of people at this school.


Students who are capable of balancing their studies and extra curricular activities should atten Duquesne. We want a continuous growth of love, life, and enthusiasm on our campus. Those who are solely committed to their studies and are incapable of balancing our school life between having a life should not attend Duquesne. Those who will take pride in their school should definitely considered Duquesne because this is a school of spirit, literally and figuratively


A person that is very hard working and likes to challenge his/herself. A person who likes meeting new people that are kind and nice. Also a person who wants a school big but not too big at the same time. A person who likes the feeling that they have not left home. This is the kind of person that should attend Duquesne University.


A person that is not intimidated by competitiveness and looking their best at all times. Also because this is a Catholic University, someone that wants all Holy Days of Obligation off of school should come here. The person that should attend Duquense University needs to be happy and confident with themselves and their quality of work. Also a person should work well with others because a large focus of Duquesne's classes is group work. Overall a person that should attend Duquesne University should also be an active volunteer for some organization because Duquesne stresses the importance of community service.


Anyone that is interested in learning and being challenged should attend Duquesne University. It is a great place to learn.


Duquesne is the right school for those who take great joy in helping others, are dedicated students, and have good time management skills. Although it is difficult to balance both volunteer activities and course work, students at Duquesne find a way to make sure they keep up on their studies while being involved in the community and other on-campus events.




Duquesne University prides itself on having hardworking students and a tough curriculum. Anyone considering Duquesne should be prepare to work extremely hard to earn well deserved grades. This difficult curriculum prepares the students for their chosen career what ever it may be. Another aspect that Duquesne students possess is that they are volunteers and serve others. Many service opportunities are offered to help the students to help others in the community. There are many opportunities for any kind of student as long as they are willing to work.


Middle class, Ugg boots, veera bradly wearing students.


people who want an urban campus but prefer a campus setting.


Someone who is comfortable living away from home should live at Duquesne. They must be mature enough to balance school work and other activities. Duquesne is for people who are willing to work hard and aren't intimidated by a lot of school work.


A hard working who knows how to have fun and be social on the weekends but loves to do well in the class room.


Anybody that wants to.


There are a wide variety of people that attend Duquesne University. A person who is looking for a good education from a medium size university should apply and attend this school. The school environment is wonderful and the small class sizes are great for faculty to student ratios. The faculty are very helpful with classwork or any questions the students have inside or ourside of class. If the person chooses to attend Duquesne University, they will be happy with their choice.


Someone who who is friendly and open to meeting new people, but should expect most of the people to be very similair. Not too much diversity on campus, but still need to do well academically. Depending on your choice of undergraduate studies, do not expect to continue your education ins a specialized field, especially in the business school.