D’Youville College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The school has a very good library. They have a large selection of material and a good online website. It is easy to find relavant research material.


My academics-class sizes are small and intimate. Also we're very close to Elmwood (art district)!


I tell my friends that it is a great college because it has small class sizes and it is very easy to arrange one on one time with your professors. One of my favorite things to brag about is that when I graduate I will have my Master's and Bachelor's degree in 5 years! That was definitely the selling point for this school that made it my number one choice.


-small classes -great teachers -relatively easy classes -fun events


I often tell them just how helpful, engaging and available the proffesors are. I also brag about how freindly and helpful the students are. My college has a warm, community atmosphere.


I mostly brag about the teachers, students, and enviornment. At D'youville they make you feel so comfortable. I know that the teachers are there to help me pass and succeed in my career goals. Since my school is very small you recieve a close relatipnship with many people! My school has anything you need and is there to help you any step of the way (I am talking from experience).


When I talk about my school, I always brag about how all of the health programs here at D'Youville College are direct-admission programs. Unlike most colleges, D'Youville College allows its students to transfer from undergraduate to graduate programs without any question, as long as the necessary grades and requirements are up-to-date. Not only that, but I also have to brag about how small my classes are, even though I still am in the undergraduate level. For example, my biology and chemistry classes have a maximum capacity of 30 students; now that's a dream!


I tell them that it is a good school that teaches you what you need to know. At D'Youville the teachers are very helpful. The classes are small so you are not just a number.


This is a small school, everyone knows everyone; its great! If you want to party, you can, if you want to have more of an acedemic focus, you can without being judged for it. You will find people with values like yours, people that will be able to help you when needed, and be a stress reliever when you need that instead. This school is for serious students, and you pay serious money, but if taken seriously, this education is so well worth it, but you are the one that decides if you get the most out of it.


D'Youville offers small class sizes and allows for individual attention and rapport with proffessors. There is always extra help available in an arrray of subjects with no additional cost to matriculated students. D'Youville is different from other universities and colleges, the intention of D'Youville is committed to the success of students. It creates a close nit atmosphere where your not just a number but part of a growing family. The proffessors are extremely educated with many holding doctorial credentials in their proffessions giving students the highest quality in education.


The great health profession programs offered and the different combined degree programs that allow students to earn higher degrees in less time. These programs all prepare the students for their careers and ensure their success after graduation.


The individual attention to students, and the close, helpful relationship between the faculty and the student body.


I brag to my friends about the size of D'Youville's campus. It is very small, therefore it is very easy to meet people. Also, the people here are very friendly and are always willing to help.


The brag about how D’Youville College accepted me into the nursing program right away, unlike other colleges. I initially attended Suny at Buffalo, but I didn’t get into their nursing program. Although, Suny at Buffalo is much cheaper than D’Youville College, the college gave me a great financial package. Once I graduate, I would have to pay off all my loans. I finished all my prerequisites in Suny at Buffalo, and it’s just two years worth of nursing school. D’Youville College makes the curriculum difficult but the faculty wants everyone to learn.


D'Youville has a ton of activities, most planned by student bodies. Its easy to get involved. Teachers teach well and they really do care.


There are several 5 year programs offered at D'Youville. Many of these programs offered are Bachelor's to Master's programs, which can easily be completed in five years. Five year programs allow students to finish quickly, and still graduate with the same amount of knowledge (if not more) compared to other students at different schools who take six or seven years for the same programs. At D'Youville, there are five year programs in Education, Business, etc. This is most certianly one aspect of my school that I tend to brag about.


When I brag to my friends about school I emphasize the small class sizes. I learn better with less people around because I can get the attention, focus, and information I need.


the reputation