D’Youville College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it have small class sizes and the teachers know you by name your not just a number. We have a very strong support group. My teachers are very understanding and very supportive. They have alot of activities going on during the semester. Field trips are also good give us great outside experiences versus just having thing going on only on campus. Dyouville makes you feel at home.


frienships i have made


Ability to pursue the major I want.


The best thing about Dyouville is the class sizes. You are never a number and the teachers know who you are. making the whole experience more personal.


I would have to say there are two best things about my school: diversity and small size. There is so much diversity in my school which has exposed me to so many cultures which is fantastic. The college itself is small which is nice because I come from a small town and I don't particularly like big schools. Teachers know who I am and they are able to help their students because there aren't too many.


the school structure and the small class sizes


The best thing about D'Youville college is the commitment of my schools professors to us , their students. I think its amazing how much they truly care about the students. I have the most understanding and dedicated professors. They are willing to help me do what ever it takes to succeed and understand what I am being taught. I know I will become a very qualified nurse because of both my dedication to school and my schools dedication to me. I am embracing my four years here at D'Youville!


The best thing about my school is the opportunities D'Youville College gives its students. For example, not only are the health programs all direct-admission, but the class sizes are small enough to learn in. Many colleges do not allow their students to transfer into graduate programs, as the college would accept transfer students first. Thanks to D'Youville College, I am able to have more confidence in myself and my studies, as I know for sure that I have a spot saved for me in the pharmacy school. That's a dream come true for any pharmacy student.


The Best thing about D'youville is that the class rooms are small and no one is ever a number.


D'Youville is a small college where a student can get to know other students very easily. It also gives the student an opportunity to get to know their professors and they are always willing to help with assignments or studying. D'Youville has a very low ratio of students to teachers, class sizes are kept small. This makes it easy to pay attention and learn material more quickly.


In my opinion, the best thing about D'Youville College is the small class sizes. The ability to ask questions frequently, along with the personal interaction with the professors makes D'Youville an ideal learning environment for those who are in college to be taught and guided, not to teach themselves as is the case with larger universities. The professors are very approachable and willing to help students on an academic as well as personal level. The individual attention and professional advice/guidance are unique to a school with small classes; you are more than just a number.


The availability of the professors, and their caring attitude. The professors I have had take the time to make sure I understand the concepts, even if it means they must take time out of their personal schedules to do that.


The best thing about D'Youville is that it is a smaller school so it allows for better learning and ability to connect better with professors. Having smaller classes makes it easier to learn and there more one on one opportunities with professors.


Friendly people, gives you a feeling of belonging.


Our learning facilities becasue they are brand new with state of the art learning tools and great learning invirontments, plus many areas to study with friends or alone for tough finals.


I transferred from a university with over 30,000 people where I was nothing but a number. At D'Youville people know my name. The classes are small enough for the teacher to notice me in class. My academic advisor actually knows my name. My GPA at this school is a 3.7216, which is almost a full point higher than my other school because there are people at D'Youville who are always willing to help. Teachers are always available and willing to help me succeed. Caring people make for a positive environment.


The best thing about D'Youville College is the small class sizes. The professors are always willing to answer any questions students may have inside and outside of the classroom.


Their Advance program for adult students who work all day and can't take time off during the day to take courses. The circulum too, which is interesting and challenging and the opportunity to earn a bachelors degree that will provide me with a completely new set of doors of career opportunites! They also have a great faculty and staff, and the support of the other students in the same cohort is really beneficial.


The best thing about my school is that they are very helpful . The location is close to my my home and job . I have been out of school for a while,so I appreciate the fact that they offer an adult program at night allowing me to return to class and finish my degreee. The entire experience at DYouvills college has been great. The instructors ae very helpful and always willing to help. the finaancial aide office has ben very helpful in showing me ways to pay for my studies.


I like that the school offers several degrees in health care.


The school is very friendly to new students, I felt very welcomed when I began my first semester at the college. I like that the school is smaller than most schools so the classes are all in one building and are all near each other. I also like that the classes are also smaller, around 25-30 students so there is always available time to meet with the teacher before or after classes without making appointments with the professors. Overall I have had a great friendly experience at the school.


The best thing about my school is that the classroom sizes are small and allow for the students to be more involoved and get individualized attention from the professors. This school is also helpful with students who need help from a professional. The student center allows student to sign up with a tutor, who is usually also a teacher, if help is needed.


That the small class sizes help when you want to espablish an academic relationship with your professor.


My school is small and everyone and everything is very accessible.


I liked the ability of all my classes to me in one building the majority of the time, so in the winter and rain I wouldn't have to go outside. It's a small campus and you get to know most people in your major graduating class.


That the teachers are there for you if you are haveing aa tough time they will help you out the best they can


small size because its not overwhelming


That people are welcoming and friendly


The size. The school is considered to be on the small size but I think it is perfect.