Earlham College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is the most relaxed college to be a student. The professors are addressed by their first name; debates are fostered, encouraged and appreciated. The student demographic is diverse in all ways: ethnic, religious, political, etc. Since students are allowed to be their own unique entity, there is a big sense of acceptance.




biology department


The acedemic programs are very good, especially in the sciences.


Community, grad school acceptance.


The people are the best thing about this campus because everyone is really friendly and you can get along with anyone.


The community - liberal arts should be studied in a small intentional community where you can always get good advice from students, faculty and community members. this is a school where you can go on the journey of self-discovery without being alone.


Friendly atmosphere and engaging community


The size of the classes and the differences amongst the students and the staff that become known during class dicussions and group projects. Earlham's diversity is what makes the college a truly unique experience.

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