Earlham College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Consensus. No decision is made until everyone comes to an agreement. This means very long meetings, strained relationships and sometimes a lot of stress. When most places have someone make the decision, Earlham gathers a group of people to discuss the issue and then agree upon a solution or policy. Due to this process, decisions concerning policies or anything can take a long time to develop. If you want a rule change quickly, you may be sorely disappointed, because they are debating the issue to the point of exhaustion.


the location, especially because of the weather and how it affects our mood.


Although it's nice to know everyone, sometimes it can be a little too small. My best advice is to find a tight-knit friend or two that you can trust to leave your secrets with, otherwise it will get all around campus, and quick.


career center, would not help me with the job searching aspect


I think some poor qualities of my school are the lack of what I think would be proper art and music facilities. Another thing is the difficulty to get permission to live in off campus housing. For the most part the average student will live in the dorms or college owned house all 4 years of attending Earlham college. In addition, if living in the dorms one must be included on the meal plan.


The location.


The people and the smoking on campus


The school does have some cliques, but not any worse than other colleges. It can make it difficult to have friends in different social groups (not impossible, but just slightly more difficult).


The school prides itself on high morals and Quaker ideals, but the reality of the situation is not the golden standard that the school would like to portray. This leads to somewhat of a disconnect between the students and adnimistration and board of trustees. It is very easy to get over this after a year, but some people are challanged by this


Location. Richmond, IN isn't exactly the biggest city with the most stuff to do.


Lack of counseling services


It's small and word travels fast.L


I would say the lack of technology. I mean, we have computers but all we do it type of them. It would be nice to use them with class or research projects.


The tendency of people to be so firmly rooted in an opinion or idea that they will be blind to other possibilities.


Sometimes the homogeneous nature of the student population, especially politically. Sometimes people get the impression that the school is radical, but that's not true; that describes only the loudest people on campus.


Nothing !!


The worst thing about my school is again the lack of transporation that is needed for the students who do not own cars.