Earlham College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person who should not attend Earlham is one who is not open mided to seeing new things. This campus is full of diversity; there are students who practice a variety of religions, come from different cultures and are open about their sexual preferances. If a person feels that he/ she could never be comfortable with this type of environment, they should not attend it.


Preppy people should not attend this school.


anyone who attends large state schools and believes sports, drinking and drugs are important. (main stream americans). Our school is 20 % international students from around the globe.


I think Earlham is a wrong fit for a student who is entirely career focused, academically competitive, or single-minded in their interests and persuasions.


Someone who expects to be told what to think. Earlham is not for those that are looking for an easy degree. Those that are not willing to push themselves will have a difficult time fitting in.


Someone who is not dedicated to studying should not attend this school.


sorority, fraternity oriented (none on campus).