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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have found that a huge part of college is the extracurricular activities that the school offers. Clubs, sports, and social events are an important part of getting the full college experience. Upon coming here, I did not know much about the city of Greenville or the university and what they have to offer. As a result of this, it took me a while to get involved on campus and find a group of friends with similar interests. The advice that I would give to my high school self would be to do more extensive research on the schools I was applying to. I would have loved to have known about the intramural sports and clubs at ECU so I could have brought appropriate gear such as soccer cleats and my camera equipment. I also could have been more aware of the clubs that are of interest to me such as Pre-Medical Students Clubs. Now that I am fully aware of the available extracurricular activities related to my interests, I have been able to make more friends, be more outgoing, and enjoy a more holistic college experience.


The only thing I would tell myself as a high school senior is to not stress out as much and get more involved around campus. I just ended my first semsters and the only thing I wish I would have done over the last couple of months is to get more involved. I wish I would have joined sometime of club. There are many wonderful opportunities all around campus. Also, the first couple of weeks of college wass stressful with all the work being thrown at you. Toward the end of the semester, I became use to things and found I had a lot more free time to myself. College is about learning and gaining the knowledege to be successful in a career that you love, but also creating memories and lifetime friendships In the future at college, I want to keept the same level of dedication that I had toward the learning ascpet, but also try to enjoy myself more and create memories that will last awhile. This is something I would tell myself as a high school senior to do once in college.


If I could go back in time and lecture myself when I was a senior in high school I would prepare myself for what the future holds. I would inform myself that my parents are going to face a financial crunch and encourage myself to make an extra effort to apply for more scholarships. I would explain that these scholarships will be the only way in which I will complete my undergraduate career and express the importance that these submissions will have in the future. I would also suggest getting another job to help my parents pay for the costly tuition in which a four year university brings to the table. With the second job I would emphasize the importance it is to save money and assure that I have enough saved to put myself through school for at least a year. Although I would encourage myself to save and apply for more scholarships because most are targeted toward high school seniors I would express the positive impact ECU will have on my life. I will also inform myself of the lifelong friends I will make at the university and the relationships with my professors that I shall cherish forever.


Dear Stacy, Relax! You're doing great just keep up the good grades and remained focused on what really matters. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Procrastination adds on to the stress. Do NOT wait til the last minute; better safe than sorry. Start early but take one step at a time. SAT and ACT are a big deal so take as much practice as you need and take it seriously. Manage you're time wisely. Even know you're busy with sports and a job, make sure you have time for school work. If there is an opportunity that is beneficial for you're future, TAKE IT. Enjoy highschool while you can and don't be afraid to try new things. Do you not know what you want to major in? Well good news, more than 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students don't know either so its completley okay. Do NOT get discourage and do what makes YOU happy. Apply while you can. You're in for a crazy ride. You will encounter green lights but you will also encounter red lights. But remeber, at the end of the storm there is a rainbow. Keep you're head up (:


Life in high school is a lot more simple. There's a right and a wrong way to do everything. In college, you have to find your own style and find yourself. College is the time when you get to claim your freedom and become the best person that you can be. It is during this time that someone should be happy and living life in the best way they know how. You should be more afraid of missing opportunities in life and simply existing than you should be of living a full life.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, it would be to get more involved in sports. If I would have started track in 9th grade, I would have been great. I started track in 12th grade and I was not that bad. I felt that I had so much potential and I could have become someone really well known. Along with sports, I would have also told myself to join more clubs. Being involved in your school is very important. I never realized this until I arrived to East Carolina University. Sadly, I can not go back in time but I still have future to look forward to. I am still young and there are a lot of opportunities out there for me.


If I could go back in time I would give myself three major peices of advice. The first peice of advice is to be more academically mindful and study harder. Knowing that college is harder than most think it is, I would tell myself to be more academically prepared and to keep my future in mind at all times. The second peice of advice is to be involved more in campus activity. If I could go back, I would be in more club sports such as volleyball and swimming for example. I miss being a part of a sports team and would gladly encourage myself to become apart of a sports team. The third peice of advice to give myself would be to get involved with more research opportunities. Research broadens horizons more than I thought when in college. If I could go back to college life, I would study much harder, increase campus involvment, and do more research.


Transitions are tough. This is the phrase you're going to hear most when you head off to college. It won't be until you actually get there that you really understand what it means. It is tough; you're in a brand new place, it's unfamiliar, you don't know anyone, and you're sharing a bedroom for the first time since you were eight years old. My advice is to be brave, but take care of yourself. Everyone is going to tell you to step out of your comfort zone, and to "put yourself out there," which, true, is a great way to make friends and really find your niche, but if you need a day to just sit in your dorm room, or call your mom, or miss your friends, that's perfectly fine. Taking care of yourself is far more important than worrying about getting the "college experience" everyone thinks you should get. Everybody is different, and your college experience can be unique of all 25,000 other students on campus, and still be amazing. You know yourself better than anyone, trust yourself, and always do what feels right. You're going to do great.


My college experience has been anything but ideal, and in a way I prefer it that way because the hard work I put into my academics, as well as the experiences and failures I have learned from have humbled me. I have come to realize that I am in charge of my own future, and it is my responsibility to create a story that I will be proud of sharing. So to my high school self, here is some advice: 1) College is all about pushing yourself to the max so that you can have career options once you graduate. Remember that you are in college to succeed in life, and academics should come first. 2) Parties aren't mandatory and true friends will understand that you can't hang out everyday. 3) If you are struggling academically, take a breath and remember that all of the hard work you are doing now, is what is going to set you up for an amazing future! 4) It is perfectly okay to study by yourself. You get more done anyway. 5) Your failures are just stepping stones to success. Have confidence in yourself, you'll do great! 6) Be grateful!


I would say Shenail here are some dos and don’ts of campus life; don’t take the intro to neuropsychology your first semester, educate yourself on the lasting effects of saving money, There will be times when your stability will depend on good friends, you chose your friends with your best judgment believe that. Learning to trust in your own judgment is a course all its own. Being on a large campus for the first time friendships make all the difference. there is nothing wrong with receiving help and your greatest attributes are gleaned from those around you, Asking for help can only result in an increase of knowledge and that increase is true success. As a senior in high school you were enthusiastic and determined to accomplish goals on your own. Success is not determined by financial gain but by connections made and experienced gained. When you don’t know the answer there is someone who does. Fads are not conducive to campus travel, and the true cost of obtaining course material is not necessarily the cheapest available. Hind sight may be 20/20, but living in the here and now is how you will make it.


If I had the opportunity to go back and speak to myself during my senior year I'd make sure to let myself know that no one should decide what you should do with your life. In the end, I need to do what's best for me, and not go where my mother thinks I should attend, or join organizations because my friends wanted me to. The pressure to fit in and be liked is overwhelming now, but there are others just like me who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd, I just need to find them. Don't hold onto the past, don't let others live your life, and don't worry so much about the future. College is different from any other experience you've had, but you're strong , and if your pull yourself together and hold your head high, you can be the best at whatever you become.


Take more classes during the first year; continue to commute from home; don't worry so much about EVERYTHING; ECU is the right school for your!


Look into all the best schools that are affordale and have fun.


Dear high school senior Hannah, Do not fear! College is going to be the best time of your life! Do not worry about being the only one of your friends to go to East Carolina. Both of your Resident Advisors are going to go through great lengths to make sure you meet and socialize with your neighbors. Before you even know it, you will know everyone's name and will be going to the dining hall with a group twelve people deep. This is a time to stop being held back by high school stereotypes and meet as many people as possible. Living in a dorm is not going to be anything like the movies, but at the same time will be an awesome rollercoaster ride of college living. All of this is important, but most of all, always remember to be yourself and follow your own beliefs while understanding that everyone else has their own standards and morals. Not everyone you meet will think the same way as you, but that just means that you are going to learn about other cultures and beliefs to further broaden your horizons. Always be yourself. Sincerely, College sophomore Hannah


I would tell myself to start preparing. AP credits can be very beneficial when selecting college classes. If I had taken AP classes, I would be further than I am. I would also tell myself to learn to study. Studying is a necessity in college and if I had learned to study earlier, I would not have spent as much time on homework as I did. Last, although I was punctual and attended class in high school, I would tell ALL high school seniors attendance is imperative. Especially as a senior, attending high school classes was never something of importance. Assignments would hardly be missed and students would not miss much information taught in the class. In college, while some professors do not require students be there, a lecture missed could be a lot of information. So I would tell myself to be ready to attend class and be eager to learn. After all, why miss a class you are paying for?


Knowing what I know now, I would advise to myself and anyone else to do your research and apply to scholarships early. Researching your options for schooling provides you with more door ways to get your foot in the right direction. The more options you provide yourself with the better chances you have at finding a college you will truly enjoy. College is a time for exploration and growth as you are venturing into adulthood. You want a college that will encourage these aspects in you while enjoying the time you spend there. When you decide that college is our route, I would encourage you to start applying for scholarships the moment you decided. Scholarships and grants are wonderful gifts from others that are encouraging education. Scholarships and grants elevate stress away from the ultimate question for many students, “How am I going to pay for college?” If you start early you have a better chance at acquiring the funds and insightful tips on paying for college. When it comes to the bottom line, do the work. The work you put in to finding a college and finding ways to pay for it will show in the end.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself some typical reminders about doing my homework, cleaning my room, and studying for my tests. I would also tell myself not to worry so much about making new friends. I would tell myself that college is where I will learn most of what I will know about life. As a high school senior, I thought I knew so much about the world. However, in college, I learned that I did not know everything. I was confident about the wrong things. I learned so much about friendships, love, and life in general in college. I also learned many skills that I thought I would never learn. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to be less anxious about the college environment. I would remind myself that I will have four years to do everything that I want to do at college. I would tell myself that I'm not perfect and I won't get an "A+" on every test. I would remind myself that that is okay.


I would tell myself - On your degree it will not day " Nicole received a "B" in such and such a class". College is about being orgainized, studying hard and having fun once the first two things are done. Friends will be there for you even if you do not go to a party with them. Have fun and enjoy life now.


If I could go back in time and give advice to my high school senior self, I would say to put more effort into school. I took hard classes senior year, but didn't put enough time and effort into them, resulting in bad AP scores. If I had done well on the AP tests, I would not have to take certain classes, lightening my course load first semester. I would tell myself to apply to more colleges and do more research on certain universities. I would tell myself to apply to more scholarships because it would have been a lot easier to choose my university if I had scholarship money to help me pay for it. Lastly, I would tell my high school senior self to enjoy more moments with friends and make more memories because school can get very stressful but it's the friends that take the stress away and really help in times of need. I worked too much and spent too much time on homework, causing friendships to fail.


Senior year seems like a good time to relay and unwind, but you would be wrong. Your last year in high school is the most important year. Yes this is the time of your life, but it is the last prep time you have before you venture out into the world of college. It may sound scary now but soon enough it will be a walk in the park. Use these last few months to you advantage, because once this time is gone you don't get it back. Now is the time to teach yourself the basic skills of time management and organization, two skills that I believe are most important skills to have when in college. Time management will eliminate the number of all nighters you will have to pull the night before your finals. Making schedules and lists will ensure that you stay on time of the tasks you have at hand. Organization will be your best friend. If you are more organized you will have no problems keeping your notes and projects together. These kills will make your college experience smooth and seamless. Don't forget these skills, they will be your saving graces in college.


You will benefit more than you can imagine from doing well on the SAT/ACT, and you really must study and take it twice, if you can. Scholarships and university programs will be made uniquely available to you with high scores and it will give you a major advantage as a student applying for classes. You will acquire distinctive social and educational experiences and connections. The importance of standardized tests cannot be stressed enough. Those advanced placement courses will really help prepare you mentally for the university environment and the more you take the better you will be. They will help you afford the courses you need, so you can take more classes you want. More importantly, you will be so pleased that you challenged yourself. That boyfriend/girlfriend, no matter who they are and how much you think of the,mis not worth sacrificing your academic potential. Be aware that you may change your mind a thousand times on your official degree program. In your first two years while you are thinking take all of your foundations credits. If you want to make friends join a club related to your field of study or your favorite extra-curricular passions.


If i could go back and talk to my senior self, i would advise me to slow down. Take different classes and manage my time. College life is different than high school life. I would advise my self on how to study and how to be patient. I would advise myself that the future is bright but i'm going to have to work hard to get to my goals. That my friends would be different and would have a different outlook on life than my high school friends. That mom is not going to always be there to help me with those class projects or term papers. That mom is not going to be there to cook for me, clean for me, or make sure i do my homework. It is all up to me. I would advise myself that i am going to have to grow up quick and start taking responsiblilty for my actions. That although i will miss my parents and siblings, this is a journey i must face alone, but knowing that my family will always just be a phone call away. Grow strong, independent, and be a leader.


My advice to my high school self would be to take school work seriously but most importantly to be yourself and not second guess decisons that you face. Make the decision that feels right and stick with it.


I would advice myself to be prepared for long hours of studying. I would advise myself to get serious about school and pay attention in class. I would advise to be organized and be responsible and the professors would not remind about any due dates for assignments. College professors expect students to read the material assigned and it is essential not to follow back on course material.


I would tell my high school self to not be afraid. I would tell her to not be afraid to try new things or meet new people. To go out and be social and have the best time that I could, because we only live once and I don't want to look back and regret not doing something. I would also tell her to equal out how much fun I have with how much schoolwork I do. Having a good time in college is important, but it is also important to learn and recieve a good education so that I can become a valued member of society and support myself.


You are going to make the best decision you will ever make in your young life fairly soon. Many people will tell you that this is a horrible idea; you will fail. Your family will be seemingly on the fence about it but will ultimately support you. I have no advice to give you because at your young age you have already learned an incredibly important lesson: to believe in yourself and your abilities. When you dropped out of high school in 2001 it was because you intrinsically knew that there were bigger and better things waiting out there for you if you reached out for them. After you recieve your GED you will travel to India and Africa in 2002, Oma and Papa will take you. When you return home you will move to Texas and get your first job and a car. From there on out you will work and travel all over the United States and Europe. You will go to college and your education will mean so much more to you now than it did in High School. You will own a home at 28 and work in your field. Keep up the good work babe.


Hello younger me! There are a few things I need to tell you to prepare yourself for this long journey they call college. It is going to be a difficult road, but you definitely cannot give up. Begin by completely preparing yourself now since your senior year is almost over. Gain better organization skills, prepare for the placement test, and make sure all of your paperwork is in to ECU early. Organization is the number one skill that will help you make it through college. That includes study skills and the way you keep track of what to study and when. I know that in high school you did not study a lot, but that has to change now. Starting with your final year you need to change your study habits and be more strict on yourself. Good study and organization skills are the only way you will survive college so work hard on them durning the summer. Remember you will make it in the end. There will be a few bumps in the road, but all you have to do is get back up and make things better.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would most likely talk for hours about how to prepare for the changes. However, if I were to sum it up into two-hundred words, I'd probably tell myself to be ready for everything to change. The most radical change from high school to college is the level of repercussions for my actions escalating radically. Every decision I make, and every hour I spend will have rapid and massive effects. How I decided to budget my time was certainly the most difficult part of the transition. I would tell myself that I need to prioritize all of the aspects of my life, and not let my personal desires get in the way. Also I would tell myself to talk to my advisor the first day I could so I could discuss with her whether my courses match up with my goals at East Carolina University. Ultimately I would say to prioritize, plan far ahead, and learn to budget my time efficiently. If my past self had abided by those words, I could be in a lot better position than I am now.


The best advice I would give myself is to manage my time wisely and learn better study habits. Studying in college is much more time-consuming and more indepth than high school studying. When I was in high school, studying occurred each night for the class the next day. In college I have to study hours every day for classes and assignments a week or two away. The second best advice I would give myself is to make friends and get to know my teachers better outside the classroom. Teachers are more willing to help you if you make the effort to visit their offices and approach them directly with questions you might have. Put yourself out there because you never know who may be able to help you when you need it (or whom you might be able to help in return).


Well first I would start with saying that, no matter what anyone tells you, follow your heart and it will lead you to greatness. Also, not only is college about your education, it is about creating connections that will last a lifetime. I kinda messed up by staying with one group of people for most of my first year, so I would tell myself to branch out more and go find people that share similar interests. Another thing, go to a sporting event, you may not enjoy sports, but go for the interaction and for the comraderey of cheering for your school. Also some great advice that I learned from one of my professors is to never let other people's judgment affect your personal performance cause it only hurts you. The best way to counter that is to prove to that person you are confident in who you are and no longer care what they say. Grow a better backbone, it will help later on. And most of all, don't stress yourself out too much, you can't predict what is gonna happen so just be prepared for the worst and know in the end everything is alright.


Knowing that I could relay my current knowledge to a younger me, I would only tell myself a few things. One, I would push the topic of searching for and applying to all the scholarships I could find. The importance of financial aid became apparent to me after I started college and all too late. Next I would tell me that I need to concentrate hard on my studies at university and stay on top of my priorities, not my social life. However, social life is an important part of the college transition period so I would tell myself to be the best friend I can be to all. Lastly, I would give the advice of taking the time to call home and talk to my family - this would help provide structure and stand as a reminder of those who love me. Good luck, bud. You'll be great.


The best advice I could give myself as a high school senior with the knowledge that I have now would be to enjoy the simplicity of life within high school. During high school I was eager to "grow up" and to reach the next level in life--not knowing that this progression in life also involves an increased level of responsibility. Embracing every moment of high school instead of approaching it with an apathetic mindset might have allowed for a smoother transition into the level of life I was so anxious to attain. Establishing the disciplines of studying and learning outside of the classroom all coincide with the idea of enjoying the simplicity of high school. At that time in my life I could not fathom spending hours reading my books, reviewing my notes, or establishing relationships with my teachers. These skills, which can be perfected in high school, all promote for superior levels of success within college. The time and energy wasted in high school being nonchalant could have been used efficiently by developing skills and behaviors—which are easily accessible through the resources in high school—that would establish the precedence for success within college.


If I could go back in time and talk to my self as a high school senior, I would explain to myself the things that I need to to do in order to prepare for college. Mostly explain what needs to be done like filing for FAFSA and other grants available to me.


I would tell myself to be more outgoing in high school. Sure, you play sports and are involved and have friends, but really find yourself as a person now. It will save you a lot of trouble in the next few years. Also, don't worry about being friends with EVERYONE - most of them, you won't see after graduation. Tell people how you really feel, without worrying about what they are going to think of you. Have confidence in yourself, your talents, your dreams, and your wishes. That is the only thing that will get you through some of the times you'll have in college. Learn to trust others without apprehension - if you don't, you'll struggle with keeping relationships in the future. Most importantly, stop worrying about everyone and everything and just RELAX! Have fun - you only go through high school once, and you don't want to look back in ten years and realize that you missed so many wonderful experiences because you were too concerned with other things. These are the four of the best years of your life - make memories you'll never forget with friends you'll always remember.


Make sure to spend an equal amount of time studying as you do in class. Review, review, review! Refine time management skills as they come in very handy in college when mom and dad aren't there to remind you to do your homework. Attend after school review sessions and make the extra effort for extra credit. This will create good habits for the future and make the college experience easier. Finally, don't sweat the small stuff! Mistakes and accidents happen, but they are excellent tools to learn by and will prevent them from happening in the future.


College isn’t going to be high school, where your teachers stay on you about grades. They help you if you want it; if you don’t ask they think you don’t care and won’t care themselves. Do your best and try to get a 3.0 before senior year so you can dual enroll into TCC and get a few classes, like English, out of the way. As for AP American History, study hard. I almost got a 3, which would have taken care of all the hard history classes you will take. Don’t slack and don’t worry about drama or friends, because you lose the ones you don’t need and keep the ones you do which are not very many. Try not to stress because that hinders your ability to stay focused and you remember projects or homework too late. Don’t take journalism with Mrs. Jennings; take an art class or something. It was a difficult class and you won’t have fun. Most importantly, enjoy High School. You can do what you want and make the same mistakes I did, or take my advice and do your best. Good Luck.


Dear Me, College is not exactly what you think it will be. It is much better. The experiences that you will encounter here are the best in the world. Do not stress, and do not tell anyone I told you this, but your first semester classes are easy. Your professors are fun, hilarious, and dedicated to what they do. That book that you are supposed to read, read it. Be ready to get a job because the state of North Carolina is screwing you over by not deeming you as an In-State student even though you have every shred of proof this is home. Campus dining hall food is the bomb! Do not put off going to the campus gym, it is too much fun. Friend the right friends, I picked out some great ones for us, I think. Lastly, start packing for that college shipment ahead of time and have everything you will need in order, things got a bit messy. Good luck and do not worry, you are ready! Love, Future You


The choices you make now affect the rest of your life. The habits you develope now can depict how successful you will be in life. Do you want to spend your life bored and settled in a job that you are not happy with? Now is the time to find your passion. You'll sleep in too late and miss a class, you'll go into debt, and you'll lose focus but the important thing is to stay positive and learn from these trials. College will be fun but always remember the reason you are there- to receive an education. Going out with friends feels a whole lot better when all of your work is done. College is about learning how to live life independently but also about creating relationships with others that allow you to learn more about yourself, experience things you've never tried before, and finding what truly makes you happy. Meet lots of poeple and enjoy the time you have because it goes by quickly! In college, you'll learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine. Embrace it.


To allow oneself plenty of time to study for classes, completing school projects, and studying for exams. Good grades came naturally easy in high school but it is total hard work in college. One can not be too hasty about making major decisions concerning college major, college campus, or anything else that will determine your college future. This will only create more stree for the student. A good student knows that he or she needs to keep thing's balance with college life. In doing this one should participate in the events on campus, get to know you surroundings, organize your time, money, remember deadlines, find a quiet spot for studying, always go to all classes, meet with your professors, academic advisor, Financial Counselor, and keeping track of money.


When accepting the responsibility of continuing on to a secondary education, you must at first have a clear perspective as to what you want to take from the college expierence. College is one of the final oppurtunites that you are given before adulthood to make mistakes, correct them and try again. Starting with the very first day of college you should have the end in mind. Always strive for your best in each andf every course. Make sure to make knew friends and enjoy being out on your own. College should be taken very seriously but not so serious that you don't enjoy it. Learning is and should be exciting. Take time to be open minded and excepting of the material taught and the knowledge that can be obtained. Most of all, put your best foot forward and take pride in all that things positive that you do.


To myself I would say study harder, work on your time managment skills and always be prepared for the unexpected. Never wait until the last minute to complete anything or to be anywhere as the unexpected could happen which takes me back to time management skills. Be a Leader not a Follower.


I would tell my younger version not to spread himself to thin. I would tell myself to focus on the things most important to you. I would also tell him to join the music fraternity I am already apart of, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. The brothers of the fraternity are some of the most trustworthy people you will meet and they will always support you.


You will have to study so learn how to now. You will have a lot of free time on your hands but use it wisely or your grades will drop. You do not have to go out every weekend just because your parents are not around to tell you not to. you can stay in and chill or do homework some weekends. Be yourself.


Your freshman year sets your GPA! Having the attitude that your freshman year leaves room to fool around can really hurt you. It is harder to raise your GPA if it is drastically low. Make school your main priority, partying and clubbing will always be there.


Even though my high school senior year was only a year ago, and to say to 'go back in time' seems like something to say when you want to go back many years, I have to say that within a year, Ive learned more about college than I have within four years. I would go back and say to start preparing for college life by learning to like cooking, think outside the box when it comes to applying to scholarships, and dont be as quiet and shy. College is a huge transition for a girl my age, therefore I should make some changes for my well-being. Learning to like cooking will help me gain some new skills and more desire to cook daily in my apartment. As for applying for scholarships, I need to broaden my range of search, therefore increase my chances in winning some money for school. And as for being more social, I have been quiet for most of my life, its time for a change. Go and rush for Greek life, smile, dont be afraid to goof off with the aquaintences and friends I will meet. Oh! and keep school spirit high. Go Pirates!


If I could go back in time with the knowlege I now have about college life, I would hammer into my head the fact that applying for scholarships and taking the SAT's and ACT's is so, so important. That saying "the early bird catches the worm" in this case is so prophetic. Also, I would advise myself to wait on getting a job my senior year, just so I could focus more on getting pristine grades instead of making money. I would advise myself to enroll in more AP classes, because that's a sure-fire way to get large scholarships, and I have the potential - I just need to push myself more than I do. I would tell myself that college is completely different from high school, and when you're first starting out you're going to feel like a fish out of water, like you're juggling more than you're capable of, but to never doubt your worth or your abilities. The main piece of advise I would give my senior-self is to stay focused, and never settle for less.


Understand time management, and make sure every day is used to be productive. It’s okay to have fun, but academics are the most important part of being in college. Most people in the work force put in 40 hours a week. This should be applied to college life. If you have 15 credit hours of class spend at least 25 hours per week studying and passing your classes won’t be a problem. Make a schedule for each week and blocking off time and places to study. Also if you are having problems in a class go to the professors office hours, just make sure you have identified what you are struggling with so you don’t waste time finding out what material that is causing difficulty in class.


First, Elizabeth, dont skip class. Dont take 8 am classes across campus because your motivation will be nil and you will end up dropping the class anyway. Believe in your artwork and speak up in class. Dont let your professors bully you, and remember that you have worth. Alchohol does not help you make decisions. Relationships should stay in the region where they were, started, and long distance isnt an option. Live everyday to the fullest and dont think too much on the way everyone loooks at you. Fight that terrible monster, procrastination, with all you have. And lastly, Elizabeth, you are going to be okay, everything will work out in the end.


Don't rush your senior year...you'll never get it back and will miss it more than you think. During softball season play each game like it's your last..you may not believe it but you will be unable to play in collge. Focus on your classes...don't bullshit them just because you know you are going to pass. Give your teachers more credit. Learn how to NOT cheat..it only hurts you in the long run. Learn what it means to study..PRACTICE this. Procrastinating...has to stop. Spend as much time as you can with the people you care about...everyday is precious. Pick the college you want to attend...don't go where your parents want you to go. DO NOT stay in a dorm...you'll regret it. Drinking and driving isn't worth it..trust me. Some of the friends you thought would always be there for you...aren't. Never forget the people of your past..they helped make you who you are today. Put your all into everything you do...it'll pay off. When you feel overwhelmed and don't think you can handle it anymore...YOU CAN!


My advice to myself as a high school senior would be to learn good study habits now! I always thought that school was easy and that I could get by with good grades without studying. Now that I am in college, studying is key to earning excellent grades and I wish that I would have had study skills throughout high school to bring with me to college. I am still making good grades in college but am definately working much harder than I did in high school.