East Los Angeles College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


With all the updates and remodelation it looks more like a futuristic university that a junior college


East Los Angeles College is a diverse campus full of students who have goals in life.


East LA Community College is a very helpul instutuion.


My schoool is a growing campus and has a great mixture of cultures and that mixture makes it a wonderful college.


East Los Angeles College is an institution of social change, connecting students with diminished opportunities into the wide array of opportunities that will not only challenge them, but will also make them into productive members of society.


One can start at my school and go anywhere they want, there are endless possibilities.


East Los Angeles College is a great school for students to attend if they want to focus on their academics, beacause frankly, there isn't much to do on campus, except go to class and study.