East Los Angeles College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend East Los Angeles College?


Any individual who is aiming to attain a higher education but that it is in need to fit his/her education with other responsibilities


The kind of person who should attend this school should be a motivated one. One who thrives on learning, doing and showing. The kind of person who wants to grow as a member of society, intellectually and be willing to do for others what is being done for them.


Any type of student can attend becuse your behavior changes into a positive one here at the school. Most students are communicative. If you like to be in a large class environment than this is perfect. If you like to experience new things and are interested into different cultures than this school is perfect


Any body can come to this school. But, students who tend to do well in the school are students who have a goal. It's cliche to say that but, the students there who are there either for the GED or to transfer tend to do better then a student who is there just to be with their friends.