East Tennessee State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I have yet to meet one instructor or staff member who is not eager to assist me with my courses or college experience.


ETSU is an accreditted, medium-sized university with beautiful nearby mountains, offering many academic programs, including Liberal Arts, Business, English, foreign languages, communications, mathematics, sciences, several master's degrees, a few Ph.D. programs, a medical school, and a pharmacy school.


East Tennessee State University: Big College Campus, Small Campus Feel.


ETSU has become my home away from home.


Our school is actually very pretty. They have invested a lot of money in bringing in plant-life and you can really tell. There are trees everywhere and for nature-lovers it really helps. It also makes it a lot easier to relax outdoors under a big tree and listen to music or get some studying done. We are undergoing some construction, but it generally doesn't detract much from the experience.


When I first arrived at ETSU to take a tour of campus the first thing I noticed was how beautiful it is. Set in the gorgeous mountains of upper east TN, ETSU is a campus of southern brick building with white columns and LOTS of beautiful and diverse trees. ETSU's campus is actually a certified arboretum with a very large variety of trees (all labeled) along with many different bushes and flowers. No matter what season you come to visit, I can guarantee that the campus will look lovely. Fall is especially pretty with the flaming orange maples, brilliant yellow gingko, and dark red oaks. We usually get two or three snowfalls of several inches which make the red brick buildings stand out against the white drifts and dark green evergreen trees. In the spring there are plenty of budding trees and also irisi, crocus, and dogwoods blooming. In warmer weather, the many open, grassy spaces are full of students picnic-ing, playing bluegrass music, reading, or throwing a frisbee.


I love my school; ETSU is great, I love the environment and all of the professors are very understanding and kind; I would recommend ETSU to any prospective student I know!


The school is pretty laid back and chill. The students do their thing, whether that is class, work, or party or whatever it is they do.


My school can be described as a Johnson City hangout for the public.


My school is absolutely lovely - the campus is beautiful sitting in between the mountains, yet at the same time in a city where there is plenty to do , and people are always friendly.


ETSU is a diverse place that supports and celebrates differences, with incredibily talented professors and a wide range of acedemic choices.


It is a free and open intellectual refuge.


My school almost feels student ran while being watched and operated by the professors while being taught and participating in classroom discussions.


This is the number one ranked school for live show production in the United States.


A positive and social enviorment thats worth going to.


Its alot fun here!


East Tennessee State University is a great school overall. The financieal aid office could be a little bit more helpful in actually offering what they say they are going to offer. The mathematics deparment has some great people in their staff and I am honored to be a part of it.


A friendly school in a beautiful area.


Medium school with a very strong cultural diversity that is good for anyone.


Not to big not to small.


ETSU brings the most bang for your BUC (bucanears), by offering a multitude of educational opportunities, as well as working together to bring a sense of cultural cohesiveness to the table within our rural community.


ETSU has a beautiful campus with a lot to do around town and on campus.


my school is diverse.

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