East Tennessee State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How hard it is to stay properly fed. Like, I didn't have a huge meal plan, figuring I wouldn't want so many meals, but I wish I had forced myself to eat more often and eat healthier.


l wish before school I would have known to save as much as possible for school and apply to as many scholarships as possible. College is very expensive. Doing whatever you can to not have as much to pay back in the end. Loans are much harder now if you do not have much family help. If you can not get the amount you need it comes out of pocket. Having to work full time with a full time course load can be very stressful. And most of all have fun join clubs and meet new people.


Before entering my freshman year of college, I wished I had taken high school more seriously. Being a commuting freshman, I had no idea of ETSU's poor parking situation. The fact they sold more parking passes than they had available lot spaces often made getting to classes difficult. When I was in high school, we did not use book backpacks. Therefore, I began my college freshman year some days trying to carry books for three courses sometimes more than half a mile without a pack.


The variety of activities.


I wish I knew more about the opportunities and the certain specifications about scholarships that could have helped me later on, but overall I wish I knew how much this place would mean to me. I judged the small campus and in turn it teached me a lot about community, team work, and dedication. I'm still learning and growing each day!


I wish I had known that parking is kind of difficult to find on campus. They are currently building a parking garage though, so hopefully this will not be a problem in the future.


That the engineering program is not a real engineering program


That I shouldn't take all the classes that my advicer says I should. That I should Take easy classes to help get my gpa up and keep it up.


In order to be successful in this program, you will have to be willing to accept that will take effort. There are long days and long nights of studying and workshops. If you are going to college to party, you will not graduate.


I would like to have been a little more fimiliar with the campus studies and the layout of the campus . My direction is forensics which is part of crimminal justice. I hope by this degree I can give back to my community


I wish that I had know more people or to get involved early because there are deadlines for applications.


I was very well informed about the school and luckily I do not have to deal with financial aide as much as other students do.


How to avoid spending some unneccessary money, as far as textbooks, housing, and meal plans are concerned.


What I was going to do with the rest of my life...doesn't everyone wish they knew that?!


I wish I would have known that I would need a lot of self-disipline. Since I was now living on my own and I was able to make my own decisions I found it quite hard to be able to choose studying for one of my classes over going to hang out with my friends.


I wish I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a career.


I wish I would have known that they were going to have budget cuts and cancel alot of my classes.


I wish I had known some of the activities that go on at my campus. I wish I had known how financial aid can be a difficult process. I wish I had known the area of my school and where things were located and how to get around if I did not have a ride. I wish I had known all the physical activities we have. I wish I had known what would be easier classes and what would be harder.


Better study habits.


That you are forced to take so many worthless core classes outside of your major.

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