East Texas Baptist University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Preaching/Teaching School


ETBU is best known for thier religon program. The program is hard, but when your class is hard most people learn more than that subject in the end of the class. You learn life lessons in those classes. ETBU is also known for their athletic training program. They have one of the best athletic training programs.


It is not really known, most people have never even heard of it but if it had to be known for something probably it's southern baptist rules.


a very good learning environment, focuused on the classroom and is very small. A christian school so it is a great place to learn more about Jesus Christ and the Christian religion in general.


we have a really good volleyball team!


Ha, it's rules. But they aren't that bad, our school wants successful students who care about their future....rules are necessary. :)

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