East Texas Baptist University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How important GPA's, SAT/ACT scores, and how much money to look forward to when choosing a major/minor.


Before i attended the school it would have been nice to know that the staff in the residence department was very strict. Its hard to make yourself feel like you're at home when you cant live the comfortable lifestyle that you are used to living when you're at your parents house. The resident assistants are real strict and sometimes they forget they're students like us and not our bosses or parents.


Before coming to college, I wish I had better time management. I also wish that I had not allowed myself to stay up so late all the time; being tired for class makes it really hard to learn and get as much out of it. I also wish that I had looked into the different student organizations more, so that I could have known from the start what they had to offer for me personally and been aware so that I could come into college with a more focused purpose.


All of the rules and regulations, basically what is expected of the students. Also there is a 75% attendance policy, which means you must attend that much of class to pass, if you miss 25% of class you will automatically fail.


I wish I had known just how religious this school was; they out a lot of emphasis on God and the Bible.


I desire to have had more academic structure from my high school.

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