East Texas Baptist University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The community is the best aspect ETBU has to offer. Being a small school, everyone seems to know everyone here. Most everyone gets along well too. It is very easy to make friends here whom become life long friends and much like family. Faculty love their students and want to be apart of our lives and be there for us if we ever need anything. ETBU is strong faith based community and welcomes all those who come in.


East Texas Baptist University is very Christian oriented. This helps build a positive and encouraging environment that the students thrive in. Personally I've been to a public college and it has nothing on ETBU. The build a strong Christian atmosphere that helps bring a smile to everyone's face. It's awesome!


this a university thta cares about it students . they are based on christian principles and teach the Worl needs throught the Love o f God


East Texas Baptist University is a small campus with a large campus feel. It is a great school that offers a challenging curriculum and competitive sports programs in a Christian environment. The professors are always available to help and they want you to succeed. It is a wonderful Christian atmospher with great students and faculty. The student body is small which makes the class sizes small and that gives you a better learning environment. ETBU, makes available to all students, opportunities to be involved in and outside the community, through volunteer work and available activities.


it is small and the student to teacher ratio's are good


The people that are there. Because I couldn't ask for better friends or faculty.


I like the classes. My professors are always willing to help. They love us. ,and they are very accomodating. Depending on who you hang out with ,your friends are amazing. They want to know you for the rest of thier lives. The school offers you a ton of ways to travel.


Close to home


I like some of the people because they are nice.


The Athletic Training Education Program


I love the fact that ETBU is a Christian based University. It's always awesome to have a spiritual life that you can express with everyone.

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