Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Eastern Connecticut State University is a great place to meet people of different backgrounds and figure out what exactly you want to do with your future.


Eastern Connecticut State University is a wonderful, career driven, and focused school where you can guarantee you will graduate and find a job after.


It is a well educative university. Although it is small univeristy , mosly everyone knows each other.


Eastern allows you to grow in an accepting, challenging environment.


Eastern was a nice school, just the right size and aesthtically pleasing.


Eastern Connecticut State University is a liberal arts school with students that are free thinkers and leaders around campus.


My school is a maiximum amount of the real college experience and not the one you see on t.v. all the time.


Eastern Connecticut State University is a public liberal arts school in somewhat of a city. It has small class sizes with my engagement from the teachers. The teachers are almost always available to help you with your work. It is a division three school, and not too big into sports, although people are really into rugby and lacrosse. Social life on campus is amazing, and even if you're just with your friends, you make the best of it and have a good time.


It's a great place for opportunities.


i dont enjoy it, too many commuters


Eastern is a good solid state school.


Average sized with a nice new campus and somewhat demanding academics.


A good school to go to with mostly freindly people


Its like being comfortable at home....


My school is a very well organized when it comes to classes and professors, making it easy to figure out if what field you're going into is the right one for you.