Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are really friendly .


They are helpful.


Classmates can make good discussions, whether it's to light up the moment or make you think.


Calessmates at ECSU are welcoming, friendly and outgoing


Classmates have ranged from the academically and career focused to people who are just there to hang out. Some people are more serious than others. The student population is diverse and overall there is a good mix of personalities and different backgrounds.


Not very large, you could easly see others in old classes in another semester


Many of my classmates come from different parts of Connecticut , but honestly many of us have the same interests and also they're so willing to express who they are and where they feel their majors will guide them.


They are interesting, some are driven, but many don't take school as seriously as they should.


i like my classmates. They are always there to help if needed.


The classmates range from alcoholics in the back to jocks near the girls and those who need the 4.0 right in the front taking up the professors time.


My classmates are very helpful in any and everything. They help me become a better and patient person. They give me the motivation to keep on pushing in anything I want to do. My classmates never lets me give up. That's the experience you want in your college life.


Fun people to be around the majority of the time


My classmates are very nice, ready to learn, and actively engage in class topics.