Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Eastern Connecticut State Unviersity is best known for being environmental friendly and attempting to find new ways to help the environment.


Eastern Connecticut State University is best known for its educational program, dry campus, and small class size. Our small class size at ECSU allows for teachers and students to interact more often and get more hands-on learning. Our dry campus allows students to focus more on their studies and not be as interupted by parties in the dormitories. The educational program at ECSU is also well known in Connecticut.


Eastern is best known for being one of the most academically challenging universities in Connecticut especially in the biology, accounting and education majors. In my first semester I was not expecting a very hard work load because I was taking the normal introductory courses but I was surprised to see that it was more engaging then I first thought. I am currently in the honors program now and a Biology major so that may have accounted for a bit of the work but overall I am happy that my first semester did not feel like a waste of time.


the school is best know for our physical education major.


It's amazing campus and nice dorms.


Education programs and Liberal Arts Programs.


Eastern Connecticut State University is best known for being the only Liberal Arts College in the state of Connecticut. This helps students get the credits and knowledge they need for anytype of study they intend on taking. Aslo by being a Liberal Arts College, almost every major or minor is available and they are exemplified in many different class offerings.