Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

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While ECSU was certainly not an Ivy League school where the students were eager and hungry for their education and their experiece attending the school, there were plenty of opportunities for students to make their own place in the school, to create their own experience.


The university I attend is a liberal arts university. I like the small class sizes and the interaction you get with your professors at ECSU; something I would not have gotten if I went to a larger university.


What's unique about this school is the internship programs that I have looked into fro Environmental Science. They allow pay along with experience needed when I graduate in this major. The school location is close to the city butm, away from all of the business that can get a student distracted.


Easter is welcoming of all diversities and types. It is hard to feel out of place. People go out of their way to help. The sculptures around campus are beautiful. Only liberal arts college in CT.


My school was unique because it allowed me to excel academically while playing Division III Varsity Sports. I graduated Cum Laude with a BA in English. I played 3 seasons of Varsity Sports all 3 years I attended the school. I also worked two part time jobs and found time for a social life. My school was close to home so I could see my family regularly. The city that the school is located in has a historic charm about it, and it is a town that you cannot fully appreciate until you have lived there.


It is much smaller and easier to get around than UCONN right down the road.