Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person that should attend this school is somebody who cares about having professional relationships with the faculty at this school. There isn't a lot of lecture based learning, so all of the courses have a standard classroom environment. This means that the people who go here will get to know their professors and network better.


The kind of person


If you are a person who likes to have a one-on-one connection with your proffesor, then this is the college to go to. If you like small classroom sizes then this is also


Someone who wants to get a first-rate education in an open, inviting environment while meeting fellow students and faculty who will become friends you can laugh and joke with as well as be inspired by. Someone who wants to feel accepted for who they are regardless of differences. Someone who wants hands-on, interactive learning experiences. Someone who wants to be well-rounded. Someone who wants to major in Physics while learning how to dance ballet like they've always wanted. Someone who has aspirations and dreams that need a place to start coming true.


A laid-back person who enjoys calm nights with friends. This school is a lot of commuters so I would suggest someone that lives close to the school would be a good candidate.


I think almost anyone could go to Eastern and find his or her niche. There are students with all kinds of interests. Everyone is relaxed, friendly, and helpful.


Someone who is determined and hard working should definitely attend this school. Being able to keep up with the work load and maintain a good gpa is a very good skill to have and is not hard to achieve. A person needs to be focused at all times and is able to balance school work as well as a social life accordingly.




If you do not have a lot of money and still want a satisfactory education then Eastern is right for you. Personally I knew that I could not afford a college that is $40,000 a year . Eastern is more than half that price and scholarships from other sources make it even less. With the honors scholarship, while staying on campus, I pay about $12,000 a year. That is basically all four years for the price of one. I should warn you though Eastern is not a great party school so if you just wanna party choose another school.


Honestly, no one should attend the school. No one stays there on weekedns, people don't care about their work, and the people don't have any interests. Eastern is overall a very bland college.


stong willed


A person that likes an average sized campus. A person that is interested in Education or Science or Liberal Arts. The campus is beautiful and simple. All/most of the buildings are new. It's easy to meet people and the offices of the people you need to talk to are within easy walking distance. The town is not much. A car may help second year to get around and not feel stuck on weekends.


Any type, there are many different people on this campus and we all work together to maintain a great atmosphere.