Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best part about my school is the size. Eastern is a fairly small campus, which is perfect for me due to the fact that the class sizes are smaller. The small campus size means that everyone knows everybody else, and the small class size means that all of the professors can give each student the attention they need.


My school has many activities every day on campus. There is a club, Campus Activity Board, that organized activities so that students at Eastern are never bored and have things to do. There are also many clubs that anyone is welcome to join such as culinary club, womens rights club, dance team, etc. There are also many volunteer programs that you can be involved with through the Center for Community Engagement.


The best thing about the school is the fact that it's so small. It makes everything much more personal and allows the students to adjust to campus life; It gives us smaller classes, closer friendships with other students and makes a close community that can be relied on.


Accepting of all people and is very community/volunteer based


There is a certain fluidity about the school. A student is able to seize opportunities, should they have the ambition. But for many, just going to class and getting their degrees was enough. The best thing about the school was how a person could essentially make of their college eperience what whey will.


Small campus, not a lot of walking.


Eastern Connecticut State University is best known for its liberal arts curriculum. Every student must complete three tiers of liberal arts classes throughout their college careers. Freshmen are also required to take a liberal arts colloquium class. This helps each student to have the knowledge to look at their major from many different points of view and to become well rounded for their future lives after university.


The best thing about my highschool is graduating and finally going to college. College would be an escape from my family since they drive me crazy and stressful. I'm going to be living in campus and meeting new people. Its a large college so there will be lots of different people to meet and get to know. The people I knew in highschool were mainly horrible and meeting new people is a good thing for me.


I believe the best thing about my school is that I know alot of students because of how small the college is. I have made alot of good friends already, and that has made me really happy since I came to Eastern. Another really great thing Eastern has is that the campus is small, so you won't be able to get lost when your going to class. I really like the atmosphere at Eastern. I always feel welcome in my college. It makes me feel really good knowing that.


Small classes and helpful professors.


The profesors in my major are very caring and helpful. The size of classes is small and nice.


The professors are probably the best thing about the school. They are very helpful and make themselves available with lots of flexibility in their schedules. They also give out home phone numbers usually. The Professors for the most part have a doctorate and are very well educated in whatever they teach. A lot of the professors do not use power point slides.


The campus.


The best thing about Eastern Connecticut State University is the fact that the classes cover more than just the basics. The classes offered do more than just teach reading, writing, arithmetic. They offer worldly information, helpful hints, and life-long attributes that not only will help you survive college, but also survive the real world.