Eastern Florida State College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is exceptional for its prestige.


A new beginning.


I attend Brevard Community College at a convenient location which offers an array of general and preliminary courses, and it also provides exemplary training to prepare me for the next level of academic success.


The "stepping stone" for perspective students to experience all aspects of a postsecondary education.


Brevard Community College is the gateway to my future, it allows me to go to school full time while still maintaning a full time work schedule.


Brevard Community College has 6 campuses (including an Aerospace program at the Kennedy Space Center & Online Courses), is well-located just45 minutes away from Orlando, has easy & convenient access to public transportation, and additionally has plenty of options available to offer students, there are 84 different degree & certificate programs offered from a general AA to various media broadcast & production programs or even various Law Enforcement programs and more, additionally if you want to continue your education a program, with the University of Central Florida, allows for seamless transfer of credits with 2 years of college here & another at UCF.


BCC is a very nice school, very modern, and so far excellent teachers and class size.