Eastern Florida State College Top Questions

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Brevard Community College is unique to the other schools I considered because it allowed me to get a good education while I stayed close to home.


Brevard Community College is unique because unlike other schools, it's more personal. It seems that the students there recieve a great education and the teachers there are good at their jobs. Every teacher that I have had has been a blessing to have. The school itself is in a great location (in fact it has three locations). This school is easier to learn in in my opinion. The staff and teachers put their heart into helping the students. Not only do you recieve a learning experience, but you grow into the person you want to become!


What is unique about my school is there are 4 campuses in the county. 2 of the campuses are connected with UCF, so if you receive an AA at BCC, you will automatically be accepted into UCF. BCC also has great instructors and the online classes make full-time workers and parents go to school


My School is unique because of the value of education that it holds. It also is very unique because the environment is so warming and inviting.


The Uniqueness has to do with its affordability and location close to my house. They keep the landscape and appearance up encouraging to others that this is a great school who takes pride in itself. With security this is a great school it makes it unique.