Eastern Florida State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is looking for a university type enviroment.


Overachievers need not apply. Those students who want the ?college experience? will not find it at Brevard Community College. BCC is predominantly geared toward young adults who either do not have the money or inclination to attend a University. There is a plethora of duel enrolled high school students in any given class; which occasionally makes mature college level conversation near impossible. A student who wants to be swept up in clubs, parties, fantastic events, and be taught by accomplished professors who have worked in the field should not look to BCC. Attend only for a mediocre AA degree.


The type of school I decided to attend after high school is a community college, some might call it a junior college. I think I have to say that the only type of person who shouldnt attend this type of school is someone who already has their degree in something and they are happy with it.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school, is someone who is not willing to go to school and better their life.


Someone should not attend Brevard Community College if they prefer to have large classrooms and campus, because the classroom settings are very intamite and small.


There is not anyone who should not attend school. Education is great for everyone and i really think that everyone should go to school.


A person that wants to get out in the world and really expierence college life. If you really want to get out in the world and meet tons of people, this is not the place for you. Classes are small and feel just like classes in high school. Having small classes is not bad, but it just may be something a lot of people do not want.


I think anyone who wants to continue their education should attendthis or any other school. Education is one of the finest things that we can get or we can offer to others. I would only say that if one choses to go to school or in my case back toschool, you should be serious about your education and do the best you can.


If you wish to jump straight into your major than I wouldn't suggest this school


A person who would rather be on large campus shouldn't attend this school because, it is a very small campus.


I think all who have a desire and need for a better life and education should attend . Brevard Community College accepts all who come an is willing to work with them, regardless of age, race, or sex. They help to prepare all to achieve the means and necessities to recieve a higher education.