Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I believe the university is known for its charisma. The campus has personality. The first building that can be seen from the street is a magnificent castle which only adds to the character. For the majority, Eastern's faculty is dedicated to student's well being and academic growth. Eastern takes pride in welcoming students to ensure their comfort in acheiving academic success.


Eastern Illinois University is best known for being the second largest producer of teachers in the Education Field. This is very important because we need more teachers, with Elementary Education being my major Eastern was my dream school. Although the location isn't very eye catching the school has a lot to offer and not just for Education majors. Our Education programs are very well put together and career oriented. The department is always willing to help and open doors for you when you graduate.


I believe it is Education.


Eastern is heavily greek oriented. Anyone who attends Eastern should consider joining greek life.


EIU is best known for its outstanding teaching program, its academic values, and its distinguished athletic program. It is also know for its ties with the NFL, being that 3 head coaches attended here, aswell as Tony Romo.


I feel as though Eastern Illinois University is known for having a very friendly staff. All of the professors here are more than willing to work with you out of the classroom and really make you feel welcomed. Also, the enrollment is around 13,000, but the campus makes you feel at home and comfortable.


I have heard the most about our education program. Eastern makes sure eachstudent is well prepared to be placed in a classroom. They prepare us for what it will be like when we're in the real worl looking for our own teaching jobs.


Eastern Illnois is known for their great teaching program. Elementary education and special education are the two huge majors people come to eastern for. Although i am not an education major, i have been witnessing many people succeed in it.


Eastern Illinois University is known for their academics. The buisness school is one of the best around and the teachers are friendly. The classes are small and the teacher's really care about how you are doing. The food on campus is great. They give you fat free options and there are over 5 places to eat so it never gets old.


Eastern Illinois University is know for being a good school for education majors. We also have a great Kinesiology and Sports Studies program. The resources for the KSS department are great. We also are well known for having pretty good athletics.


Eastern Illinois University is best known for Tony Romo. He attended EIU for four years, and is now a pro bowl quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, if you didn't already know. We also have one of the best athletic training facilities in the state of Illinois. We like to take care of our athletes here.


The School is most likely known for it's great school spirit. A few well known coaches from the NFL are from here, as well as Tony Romo, the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.


My school is best known for it's teaching program and it's alumni.


Education Department


Eastern is best known for the sucess rate of the education program for teachers. This is what attracted me to the school, there is also a great study abroad progam for student teaching that is available. I want to do my student teaching in Mexico so this school gives me the oppurtunites that I desire.


Although Eastern is a small school, it is highly known for education. Most of Eastern's students are aspiring to be elementary, middle, or high school instructors. Eastern has great programs that teach its students what is expected of a great teacher. With a smaller campus, professors get to known their students on a more personal level. This helps students achieve their highest goal. Eastern's education college focuses on making teachers successful. On top of classes, there are many presentation and lesson on new technology teacher might use. This small campus is also known to be very friendly.




Eastern Illinois is best know for the size and affordability. It is the cheapest state school, but it is still hard for students like me to afford. It is also known for its outstanding Educational department, which is why me, a future teacher, chose this school. It has gelp mold into becoming an amazing teacher for our future students.


When regarding academics, Eastern is probably best known for its teaching program. Many great teachers in Illinois and the surrounding states have gotten their degrees from Eastern. The faculty and staff working for the teaching department is wonderful. Eastern is also well-known for being a party school. Many of the students here go out drinking more than 4 nights a week. The Greek system plays a big part in this binge drinking activity.


The historic landmarks and buildings on campus.


Eastern Illinois University is best known for their education program. Way back in the day, this school was originally called a teaching school and then it broadened its majors giving many people a chance to accomplish another career. Overall, it is a great academic school with great varsity sports and many activities for students!