Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Some common stereotypes of the students at EIU are: -The jocks party all of the time, -The frats party wildly, -The band nerds think they are hot stuff, -The sorority girls are promiscuous, -The upperclassmen do not live on-campus, -The stoners all get away consequence-free. All of these stereotypes are false. The jocks do party at times, but they do value their education. They truly are positive role models on campus. The frats do party a lot, but their main focus is on service. The band members on campus do think they are hot stuff because they are hot stuff! They are some of the most popular students on campus. There are sorority girls that are promiscuous, but most are not. A lot of upperclassmen do live in apartments either owned by the school or really close to the campus. There are a lot of upperclassmen that do enjoy living on campus, like myself. It is so convenient for all students to live on campus because all of the necessities (food, classes) are in close proximity to the dorms. Lastly, the stoners do get consequences. I have read about the citations in the campus newspaper plenty of times!