Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is accustomed to living in a small town and would like to gradually immerse themselves should attend this school. Another important factor to think about is what they are most looking forward to doing while in school. This school is fo someone who plans to spend the majority of their free time studying and focusing on school work. It is common for Chicagoans to complain about the boring nightlife of Charleston. In a part time job is required, a long commute would need to be considered as there aren't many college student friendly businesses in Charleston.


Someon who is not open minded and does not want to succeed in their future. It is a wonderful campus that is supportive and helpful to all people in my limited experience. It is a small town with a big school and is neither too big or too small.


Those looking for much academic rigor. I can't speak for all of the departments, but it seems that compared to many schools, our workloads are relatively light. There's not much competition amongst students to be the best academically.


If you like to be surrounded by a large crowd and like a noisy environment, then you should not attend this school. EIU is a small, quiet town with a population of 21,039. There are limited restaurants and shopping areas as well, but if you are ok with that, EIU could potentially be the college for you.


A person who enjoys to big towns with lots to do should not attend Eastern Illinois University. The school is located in a very small town where the biggest store there is walmart. THere is absolutely nothing to do in town except to go to the bars which is only permitted for 21 year olds. There is nothing for students under age to do on the weekends.


I think everyone should give this school a chance. There is something for everyone.


The type of student that shouldn't attend this school is the type of person that is not serious about representing the University academically, socially, athletically, etc.


A person that likes a large classroom and minimal participation should not attend this university. This school generally encouraged student interaction in every class.


Anyone who likes a homelike feeling while they are at school.


I feel that a person who cannot be responsible for themselves should not attend any college/university. Continuing your education is very expensive and should not be wasted.


If you drink, do drugs of any kind but medicinal, have an interest in fully emersing yourself in a "freshman experience" should not attend this school. Those who don't want to let their friends and roommates study, date, or sleep, should not attend this school. We have enough to deal with without a roommate who is determined to deter their friends from succeeding. Really, there should be no place for anyone to interfere in a man's quest for knowledge. If you aren't interested in learning, go somewhere else. We don't need people who are leeches.


A person who hates winter should not attend here because walking in the winter is horrible.


Someone who doesnt want to attend a big university. If you want more personal attention then you should attend a smaller university first and work your way up to a university like Eastern Illinois University.


A person that is not passionate about higher education, this campus is in a small rural area in central Illinos. If they are not comfortable with a small town living enviornment then they would not be a good fit for EIU.


I don't think you should attend EIU if you're not naturally motivated to study and learn. What I've noticed is that the professors are personable and knowledgable, but they don't hold students accountable for the information. You have to be fairly self-motivated to be successful.


If someone wants a big school where they are lost in the crowd, then they shouldn't attend EIU. Also, if someone is looking for a big city with a hopping night life, EIU is not for them either. EIU isn't for people who don't want to do well.


Students at Eastern Illinois University need to be willing to get involved with either events, clubs, organizations, or at the very least be outgoing enough to form a solid group of friends who you can hang out with when taking a break from classes or studying.


I think any person can attend school as long as they are motivated. If their desire to do something with themselves is strong enough than any person should be able to atted school. However, the people who want to experience "college life," rather then school itself; those are the people who should not attend school. School requires a lot of time, hard work, and most of all motivation. If a person cannot put in this type of dedication they may not be suitable for school


Students who are not motivated to do well in school and go to class should not attend Eastern Illinois or any other college. College student need to have the motivation to get up and go to class, and succeed in all of their classes to succeed in the future.


I believe that Eastern is a very good school for almost anyone. It is a very strong school for teacher education, but I don't believe that there is an engineering department; it would be wise to choose another school if you're thinking of an engineering major. Though I find the classes to be relatively easy, if one does not have the self-control to go to class, no school is fitting for that individual.


This school accepts anyone who is willing to learn.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend EIU would be someone who is looking for constant fun, there isn't much around Charleston it's a very small time. Also, someone who is looking to just slide right by to Graduation. Attending EIU you have to give it your all and work hard to earn you're grades.


I think someone that should't attend this school is someone who is not focused and determined. If you need alot of outside school activities I wouldn't go here. But if you are content being involved in school and just hanging out this is agreat school.


Someone who doesn't want to learn.


Someone who is looking to party all the time and be lazy.


I believe this is the wrong question. Everyone should feel welcomed at a university. No one shouldn't attend Eastern Illinois University, because it has so much to offer. This school is diverse in class size, majors, and social groups. It makes students feel comfortable and feel at home. No students should feel as if they do not belong to a school. Specifically, Eastern has so much to offer its students. There are many ways to get involved socially and academically. Professors will also go out of their way to help students learn to the best of their ability.


Ivy League students.


I believe that the type of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is looking into going to a large university, and also they type of person that shouldn't attend here is someone that wants to get away from people that they attended high school with. I believe that Eastern is open to almost everyone though because they provide the students with so much to do, many opportunities. I wouldn't pass this chance up if I had it again!


This isn't an Ivy League University and may not get you to the same places as those can.


Someone who is interested in getting a good education in small classes with professors who care about the success of their students.


People that are interested in Greek Life.


The kind of person that should not attend this school should be one that is very career driven, looking to study all of the time and make important connections to use through out their entire lives. EIU offers a great university for those who were not at the top of their class in high school because Eastern may not be challenging enough for their intellectual level that they are used to being challenged to.


Some one who likes bigger classes and a bigger campus.