Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


My roommate.


Most students would agree that the most frustrating thing about Eastern is the Financial Aid Office. Students looking for assistance with their financial aid find it difficult to recieve answers and personal assistance from this office. Eastern's Financial Aid Office is different in that everything is done via internet; statements are not billed to parents, guardians, and/or students. While an online financial aid system might sound efficient, most students would agree that the system is difficult to navigate and submit information. Another thing that factors into student's difficulties is the office's lack of assistants.


The most frustrating thing was trying to figure out the finals schedule! It was a little tricky and took some good mapping out!


The most frustrating thing about Eastern Illinois University is that their standars are too low. There are many people here that should not be, it is almost insulting to me as a hard working student.


There really aren't any complaints except for all the construction that is going on at the moment.


Lots of peopl take EIU as a joke. In some departments having a degree from here does not mean a whole lot. Also it is really frustrating how people are afraid to speak their ideas. Also how thing are ran are childish, it is ridiculous some of the rules they have. We are adults but they treat us like children.


The most frustrating thing about school is watching people get distracted or get caught up in other things and do poorly in school. It amazes me to see people who have potential and do not take advantage of those qualities, and let themselves fail. For myself however, the most frustrating thing is trying to understand a concept that you simply cannot grasp. Thankfully, there are counselors and classmates, as well as teachers that can help you catch up.


The athletics events aren't very big or exciting and don't recieve very much support from the students.


Not having a car, although public transportation (the student shuttle) is readily available.


Since this is the cheapest in state University in Illinois many blacks or other students go here and dont even appreciate all the financial aid they get or take advantage of all the different scholarships they can get.


Most eastern students do not utilize the many resources that are provided here at eastern. Instead students wish to exert their energy towards meaningless tasks that are a waste of time. Most students choose to occupy their day playing card games, partying, drinking, and missing class to sleep, because they were hanging out with friends all night. It frustrates me to see talented students throw away their money and brilliance doing something that could wait till the summer time. These same students could become leaders in clubs and groups, and instead they spend their time with pointless activities.


It's in the middle of nowhere.


The most frustrating thing about Eastern Illinois University is the parking. The parking lots for students are at least a 10 minute walk from any of the buildings (except the rec center). While the 10 minute walk is good for me and I dont mind, one is not guranteed a parking spot just because they have a parking permit. There are 12,000 students at Eastern and only six or seven parking lots, there might be enough parking for a few thousand at a time.


The most frustrating thing would be the lack of money given to update the residence halls. Many of the halls are out of date and need repairs. Also parking is a major issue for many.


Losing friends to graduation.


The most frustrating thing would be that since it is a smaller campus it still has a high school feel. And by that I mean a lot of people know each other and they tend to do clicks, just like high school. You have your jocks, preps, band kids, theater kids, art kids, ect...so it's hard to just try and get over being high school.


Mainly some of the on-campus living rules that are difficult to deal with. The Other thing is just people who are not all that smart who make it in the long run, and I wonder to my self how they made it so far.


teachers giving away grades, students not required to learn anything do to grade curves


For some majors the your advisor is a professor in your field of study. Sometimes the faculty is not as informed about requirements for graduation and for minors or another major you may have, so it can be difficult to figure out exactly what classes you should and need to take.


Not enough jobs for students that have busy schedules


when theres tons of snow on the ground and walking to class


Many social activities are based around Greek life. The greek life feels very much like high school. They think they rule the school, and I really do not like that they think they are better than everyone else just because they are in a sorority or fraternity.


Teachers are not always available to help you out when you need the help. There aren't many things to do to get to know people on the campus, especially for the transfer students. The parking is also horrible, because the staff has so many parking spots comapared to the students. We are walking really far in the rain and snow sometimes to get to class which is making us sick, which makes us unable to attend class to learn.


So far... nothing.