Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


There is nothing I would change about my knowledge of Eastern before I attended. I did a lot of research on my own. Also, coming to open houses and different activities offered for intrested students, incoming freshman, and current freshmnan help expand my knowledge of the school I was attending .


I wish I had known that there is nothing fun to do in town


That huge schools wasn't a better choice. I spent alot of my time wishing I had gone to a bigger school until I actually visited a big campus.


I wish I'd known how Greek-oriented the social scene is.


I wish that I had known more about the location. It is not conviently placed for a college, in my opinoin. However that is also a benefit because it keeps the students focused on school and working. The town is small and everyone knows everyone, it makes you feel at home; which is nice considering you are away from your parents.


What I really wanted to do with my life.


I wish I would have known more about the town itself (available entertainment, restuarants, etc.)


I wish I would have known all my options for classes for my particular major. I transferred and did not receive adequate academic advising .


I wish I would have known that it was cheaper to live off-campus than on-campus.


I wish that I know all about the education program before I got started here. There are so many dates for paper that have to be turned in to be able to get into the teaching program. That I would have know about all the steps to getting into student teaching that I still have a lack of knowledge in and my advisor isn't helpful in the least.


I wish I would have known how easy it would be to not only make a grad plan but how easy it is to follow. Would of made the whole process less intimidating.


I would have liked to been given more information about clubs on campus and how to get involved. It is easy to get involved, however as a new student it seems difficult to find the right people to contact. There are a lot of clubs on campus and they are all very interesting to be involved in. I also would have liked to been given more information about how to get jobs on campus. The information is on the internet but many of the different majors hire in their own offices, and the students are not informed of this.


How little the Latino population was


That I was going to meet friends that would keep for the rest of my life, and to keep a more open mind to social activities


I wish that I had known that it is acceptable to make new friends and keep the old. My high school friends came to the university with me, so I had no need, in my opinion, to make new friends. Once all my friends had dropped out though, I found what I had been missing out on.


I wish i would have stayed on campus more often instead of visiting home. If i would have known that these friends become your life long friends i would have participated in more events and tried harder to become clsoer friends with new people from different backgrounds.


that i would need to have a lot of spending money.


KNow what you want to do. Don't major in something you are unsure about. Don't be afraid to change your major.


I wish I would have known that drinking was such a big deal on campus. I don't drink., so I feel like my social circle isn't as big as it could have been. I also wish I would have known that transfer students are treated as inconveniences to some departments, whereas students who have four years to complete their degree can better enjoy what extra-curriciular activities the school offers.


I wish I had fully understood what career I would want to pursue before reaching the university.


You really don't need to drink a lot to fit in. Just drink a little.


I wish i would have known how to get involved sooner.


How to manage my time.


That the financial aid office sucks. They never get things done on time. They forget to tell you important documents that you need and if you don't have them will prolong your refund checks. Those refund checks are things that students depend on as a source of income for those not recieving help from family. They need to fire all those old women in the financial aid office and get young people to do the work.


I wish I had known how small the campus actually was. Everything is close but that can be a little confining at time.


I wish I had known that Charleston had absolutely no jobs to offer students off campus.


That its my life so I should make my own choices, and i dont have to go out every night.