Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Education, Ciminal Justice, and Forensic Science as majors


Eku is best know for their Occupaional Therapy Program.


My school is best known for ? Not cancelling classses at all for a whole year with crazy winter stroms and black out we still some how have classes and it's unfair but hey that's what you pay for.


the teachers


Eastern Kentucky University is best known for its excellent Criminal Justice and Aviation programs, as well as a very good Recreation program.


In the 70's it was known as a party school, and the reputation has continued, though the social scene is no longer the same. It is known for it's nursing, teaching, and criminal justice programs. The nursing program is very cut throat in particular. We have a fantastic dance theater program. Tuition is very affordable for the quality of education you receive. Parking is not as bad as other universities, with parking passes only costing $35.


My school is best known for its affordability. It is a state university but does not have the price tag that others in my state do.


If your not attending EKU most people know of it as a party school which is wrong. School pride would have to be the real aspect the school is known for everyone that attends bleeds maroon.


EKU is known academically for it's nursing, business, and forensic science programs. It is also known for being a good way for those who are from the poorer areas of Kentucky to gain the education they need to be successful in life. Socially, we are known as the biggest party school in Kentucky.




There are many things that EKU is known for. The one in particular is the police studies program. EKU has an amazing policing program that is known throughout the state of Kentucky. Not only do they train new policemen there but those who have been employeed are able to come and take extra classes as well.


EKU is best known for its integrity and committment to excellence. The students here are prepared to venture out into the world and begin contributing to society.


We have great school spirit and most of the professors are great. Beautiful campus and great people.


EKU is very diverse and accepting of all different types of students. Most students who attend EKU go on to have successful careers and are very satisfied with their experiences at EKU.


Our school is best known for its criminal justice program.


My school is best known for skating through without doing any extra work and for binge drinking and partying.


how cheap it is to be such a high quilty school


I think my school is best known for its close knit faculty/student relationships and its successful majors. I'm in the Forensic Science Program and it's nationally known as one of the top schools for this field. There are many other majors that are well known throughout the U.S. here at EKU.