Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The diversity of socioeconimic status of the student who go here. The ability for me to participate in so many different activites and still handle my coursework.


Eastern Kentucky University is a school where you see the same familiar faces throughout your day on campus. Everyone knows eachother which makes you feel more welcome and like you belong here. Having a great staff and faculty throughout campus makes it easy and fun to earn your college education. Being an athlete myself, I love to brag about how great our sports teams are. They give their all and are proud to represent us as a university and as a Colonel.


The thing I would brag about most are the GURUS we have on campus. They are tutors that are flexible in several different subjects and they are located in three different locations on campus. They can also be accessed online!


Small classes


It is a great school with many people to get along with. I love the sports, campus life, and the education that I'm recieving here at Eastern and would never change my mind about choosing this place.


good Criminal Justice program


about how the school gives me a chance to be who i want to be and gives me the best chance to succeed in lilfe.


When I brag about my school, I always mention how affordable EKU is. Their tuition is a great balance between getting a great education and actually getting to live on a campus. Before I found Eastern Kentucky I was worried that I might have to go to a community college and then transfer. Eastern made it possible for me to afford a college I really love.


The Criminal Justice program.


The parties and the lack of difficulity in courses.


How many cute girls there are! haha


What I brag about the most to my friends about my school is the student to teacher ratio. I love the fact that EKU has smaller classes. There are an average of 20 students in every class. This gives the professor the oppertunity to get to know their students and help them to the best of their ability.


That's its a great school. To me it's the best shool that I could have chosen. The professors are great and nice.


Decent size, nice looking campus. Avaliable computer labs, nice computers. Decent professors, cool classes. Awesome fitness facilities.


Most of the teachers there are really great, and easy to work with.


I used to brag a lot about how welcoming the campus environment was. I currently only brag about the opportunites that one can have as far as extra curricular activites.


How great the parties are.