Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There is very limited parking at EKU, you can rarely park anywhere without either walking a mile to your destination or without getting a ticket. On campus food could use some improvements as well.


The most frustrating part about my school is trying to find money to pay my bill. My financial aid doesnt always cover everything and I have to find loans or scholarships to help pay for the rest, but I have to find a cosigner because my parents are unable to help me and my family is not willing to help me.


The most frustrating thing about my school is balancing the socail and academic life.,


Finding a parking space, thats why I decided to car pool with friends from my town who go to the same school.


The only really frustrating thing about my school is some of the people, especially on "Thirtsy Thursdays". It isn't to awfully bad but I have had my feel of drunk people experiences and I don't drink so it gets aggervating seeing some people drunk. Other than that I dont think anything is really too frustrating. I realize though that there is going to be drinking at most every school no matter.


The most frustrating thing and EKu is the parking on campus. During the week you can hardly find a parking spot and if you do, it's in the farthest spot from where you are going. There are not enough student parking spots and more than half of campus is employee parking. I think a parking garage or another parking lot should be built.


The most frustrating thing about Eastern is the fact that they're putting up new buildings when we don't have enough parking spaces. It makes no sense to put up a new building when commuter students and professors have to walk halfway across campus from the only available parking space and the residential students are overflowing the huge residential lots.




The most frustrating thing about Eastern Kentucky University it probably the bookstore. I have a had a bad experience with our campus book store. I feel like they don't give fair prices. They also mess up your pre-orders sometimes. Therefore I have chosen to use other sources.


the most fustrating thing about eastern kentucky university is not being able to live of f campus as a freshman.


There is very little commuter parking. Most of the time students have to walk from main street.


The tuition. I am from a surrounding county outside of KY, and the fact that I have to pay $24,000 a year for school is ridiculous. The campus has a targetted tuition policy that drastically lowers out of state fees but I do not qualify because I did not take a foreign language class in high school. If you take the classes at EKU to make up for the education in high school, the school STILL does not accept you as a targeted student. This is frustrating because I bust my butt for my grades, and no pay off.


having to work 30hrs and take a full course load


Just trying to get from one class to another.


How expensive the text books are.


Our Dead Week Policy. We don't have a dead week before finals. We have a normal class schedule with big, end-of-the-semester projects due and last minute tests. We don't have time to actually relax and study for finals. Perhaps what is most furstrating is that our SGA and Faculty Senate have worked together to draft a dead week policy that was better for the students than the current one. The faculty senate voted completely against the proposed changes.


you can't have alchol on campus


Having to park far away.


People come form around here so students like me who aren't from Richmond have trouble sometimes finding groups of friends. Most people already have their groups so it can be difficult fitting in, and since most people do live around here, the majority of students go home on weekends while the rest of us have to stay on campus with nothing to do.


Walking everywhere.


That you can give 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} effort and come out with an A in almost any class. The level of work is really low and what you are taught is what I feel a high school level would be.


That some of the students are here simply to party rather than get the good education that the school offers. These students taint our classrooms and make it difficult for some of us to learn to the best of our potential.


Well for me there is nothing that frustrating about Eastern Kentucky.