Eastern Mennonite University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I honestly don't hate anything about Eastern Mennonite University. I have wanted to go to EMU for a long time and feel great about my chose to attend. I think the worst thing so far about EMU is living in Northlawn. It is far out of the way compared to the other dorms so as a freshman I think it kept me from making the friendships I should have, right away.


The cost! EMU is a private liberal arts university, and because there is no state or federal funding of the school itself EMU has to lean heavily on the students to provide the necessary funding for operating expenses. Considering that the quality of the education I'm receiving is excellent, I consider this to be a fair trade. EMU-trained elementary and secondary teachers have a reputation for being the best, and in a tough job market that is crucial. If the worst thing I have to do is pay twice the cost of a state university, I'm alright.


Could use some more diversity in the professors, most of them are white.


For me, the only thing would be distance. Anything worse and I would not be going there, right?


I personly could say that there nothing to be consider as worse in my school. It is a great school with small number of students. Yet it could be more nice if it has more diverese.


Hmmm...can't think of anything right away. It's pretty small, which I enjoy though some people might not like that.


The on-campus housing needs to be updated and expanded


Not sure I would say there is a 'worst' thing about EMU. Sometimes our teachers are so busy working and teaching they seem disorganized, but overall, most of the teachers seem to balance this well.

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