Eastern Mennonite University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone should be allowed to attend EMU! However, any prospective student should be aware that EMU is not nearly as diverse as it could be and they should not be fooled by marketing that tries to say otherwise.


This school is perfect for a community oriented person.


Someone who values a small personal learning enviornment. Although it is a small school there is a great variety of activites to be involved in including sports, theatre, and environmental groups. It is a Mennonite school but I know many students (and falculty) who are not Mennonite and still enjoy the school.


If you are Mennonite you would fit right in. This college is really accepting of all kinds of people. If you want to be on a dry campus then this is the school for you.


Any person willing to be stretched.


A good fit for EMU is someone concerned with sustainaiblity in the broadest sense, environmental, social, political, and religious/spiritual.


Somebody that is looking for a faith based community. EMU focuses on a faith based community, the diversity here on campus and its strong business, education, photography and pre-med departments.


A person that wants a small school, great teaching and classes, and also a quiet environment where everyone is always able to concentrate.


people with an interest in integrating faith and vocation/career/education. people who are interested in experiencing cross-cultural experiences.


A person looking for a Christian/Anabaptist education who likes a beautiful atmosphere and a smaller campus.

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