Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

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Eastern has several themed events on campus. There has been carnival themed dinners, MLK day events and countless holiday events as well.


Compared to other schools, EMU is a great campus and some great teachers. For instance, one teacher knew everyones name on the first day, still emails us to check up on us even though I had the class over a year ago. Constantly sends me information to look up and discover for my field and so much more. The teachers in the education field truly care about me and my career choice and give us a lot of realistics about the futures as teachers.


EMU has a safe school campus and is next to a great downtown area.


I felt at home right away. I did not get that feeling at other schools that I visited.


Eastern is really diverse and they provide many oppurtunities for students to reach their full potential in life. I love the campus because it's not too big and the classrooms are stull good to build a connection with the teacher.


What I think is unique about my school is that they will take anyone in. They have a low gpa acceptance and they are cheaper than most of the other colleges in Michigan. We have all types of people here that make up different races, backgrounds, and money situations.


that i made a great choice


i love the choice i made but just hope that EMU could have a soccer team


The people are really helpful, and the campus is not in a major city, but the town is big enough.


All nationalities and races come together to form a stong community.


Eastern felt like a college that cares, as if you were joining a family instead of a college; and I feel that way every time I go to class. I havent had one teacher that wont work with me when I have an issue that comes up. I just feel like whateve I do, Eastern is there to support me when I need something.


The campus is somewhat small, but very cozy. There are tons of friendly people there. There are numerous events going on such as MLK Celebration, Poetry Slams, and Talent Shows.


My school is not too big and not too small. We are a great community and I am glad and proud to be here.


It's down the street.


EMU is great and has a good atmosphere. I have really enjoyed my short time here.


The classes are small so you get that one to one with the teachers. The campus is beautiful and nothing is to far away. They have a police force on campus that can escort you at night and they make you feel very safe. It's like 5 minutes from downtown and big convenience stores are no more than 10 minutes away.


It's a relatively small campus for the number of students. It is the most diverse campus in the nation. EMU didn't offer the exact major i wanted, but offered financial support greater than any other college or university.


It has an excellent Teacher preparation program although that was not my field of choice.


Eastern Michigan University was the first teacher education school off the east coast, which is a big deal for a student interested in education. They have been open since 1849 and have perfected the art of teaching!


It was close to home, and inexpensive.


It's unique to me because it's located near my family who I don't live near anymore because my immediate family moved out of state.


We are a big name college in a small name town. Nobody knows the city of Ypsilanti, but when you tell them you attend EMU, they recognize it.


I am not sure there is anything unique about it. I have not attended any other schools that I could compare it to.


We are mostly very hard working middle to lower-middle class students who are often working one or more jobs to support ourselves.


Even though it is a large university with almost 20,000 people attending, the classes are small and individual attention from the professors is a normal thing.


Eastern Michigan University is primarily a commuter school. Students from all walks of life travel as much as 1 1/2 hours to get a quality education from this great university. There is a fantastic bew student center that offers weekly movies as well as many of your favorite restaurants. Campus is very easy to navigate seeing you can walk from one end of campus to the other in 15 minutes.


Programs offered are unique. Contains accredited school programs such as dietetics, the program that I am in.


I only considered Eastern Michigan because they have a great college of education, and thats the field I'm going in to.


I came to EMU for a specific professor.


Close to home for me but still gives college town feel.


It is very diverse.


What's unique about my school compaed to other schools I considered is the online class offering in conjunction with the different campuses located in the area.




We are a fairly big school but it has a small college feel to it. I love walking across campus and being able to see a lot of people that I know.


The programs that are offered have accredidation in some area which allows you to become better off after you graduate.


It's more of a commuter school, but in the classrooms, there is a welcoming feeling, and everyone is friendly and eager to help out.


Large campus/lots of courses, with lower student:faculty ratio.


There is nothing really unique that stands out


Eastern was smaller, making it easier to learn the campus and feel at home.


The professors are really well qualified, but they really seem to care about the students. They're really accessible.