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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


This is something I am not sure I am qualified to answer. I am not really involved with any particular group or activities on campus because of the amount I work. Though if i had to guess I would say it is Greek life and the LBGT community.


I play on the emu club ultimate team. We are a small group but we went to nationals last year. EMU students seem to party alot, thirsty thursdays! Saturday night you can bowl, play laser tag, watch a movie, use the rec for bball, vball, etc.


Greek life is a large part of the college life and Eastern has quite a variety of sororities and fraternities. If you want to meet a lot of different people then I would definitely advise joining in the Greek life. I know that they have the regular fraternities, they have band fraternities, they have academic fraternities and so on. My friends and I personally like to meet up at night and go to the student center to get Starbucks and then hang out in the comfy chairs and work on homework or play online or check our Facebook. You can be apart of the crowd on the first(which has a gaming center if you like to play on gaming consoles) and second floor or if you want a quieter surrounding you can to to the third floor.


Some popular student activities and groups here on campus are student government, LGBT alliances, and sporting events/concerts. Student government here at EMU are really involved with what their fellow classmates and they take in many suggestions to better campus life. The LGBT alliances are very strong as well. There is a large lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community here at Eastern. It seems to be this way because of the acceptance between peers. Finally, sporting events are popular. It is easy to attend a sporting event because most are directly on campus, and if they aren't there is a transportation system which you may ride free of charge to the venue. Along with sporting events, EMU has many well known artists perform. One of the most well known singer/songwriter was Bob Seger. These events are very fun and are a good way to socialize with people.


the most popular students at my school are football players


the most popular students at my school are football players


Most popular organizations are campus life, who organize events, and residence hall association, who are the voice of the students, hear concerns, and make things happen when needed. I am involved with BikesEMU; we fix bikes on campus, and give bikes to departments, to promote a more sustainable means of transportation around the area. Doors open? Sometimes in the Downing Hall because everybody trusts each other quite a lot i would say, mainly because of the Honor values we stand by. There are a lot of parties, but not anything crazy. There are a lot of fraternities and sororities with different values, so one could definitely pick through a plethora.


I honestly don't know the most popular groups and activities on campus. My guess (because I have seen so much of it on campus) would be that sororities and fraternities would be the biggest groups on campus. They do so much work and they are involved in a lot on campus. I always see people walking around with the greek symbols on their shirts, sweatshirts, and bags. The biggest activities are probably the football games. Even when our team really isn't that good, the support of the students for college football is great. The students are very involved in tailgating and all. The homecoming game is always huge! That week there is so much going on, with such great energy, it's amazing.


The biggest mistake I made as a freshman was not joining any organizations. While I did enjoy my leisure time in the hot tub at our recreation center, I wish I would have gotten more involved. With that being said, get up, go out and do something! There's an organization, or org, for any and everyone. There are orgs geared toward specific hobbies, religions, races and majors. Currently, I am a part of NSCS and EMU's Poetry Society. NSCS is an academic honors org that is actually international and PS lets me express my creative side. There is an org called Fashion Ave, for aspiring designers, YBBW (You Beautiful Black Women) for young women who want the sisterhood of a sorority without the sorority. Then, there is our Greek Life. The Greeks on campus are active and they do more than throw parties, too. During the fall, the frats and sororities get a week and they plan events for every single day. Recently, the Alphas did a ladies pamper party and on Sunday, there is "Church with the Alphas". There are also major events on campus, like Outober (sponsored by the LGBTQ office), TCOD (The Color of Drums) a fusion of all the arts as part of the MLK Celebration, and Welcome Week, the first week of the fall semester for freshmen.


There is a multitude of activities that take place on campus all the time! Many students become bored at College because they don't take the time to look for events happening around them on campus, but there are plenty of things going on constantly. I am involved with French Club and National Society of Collegiate Scholars and I am considering joining another student group here on campus. Plus, I can go see a movie every Friday and go to an event of my choosing. On the weekends many College students like to party and drink, but there are plenty of safer and healthier opportunities out there for you here at EMU. You can go see a movie, as I mentioned above, you can find an event that is taking place in the library or the student center, and you can hang out with your friends at one of the many great restaurants and lounge areas on campus! Eastern really is a fun place to be and you don't have to drink to enjoy your time here!