Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My favorite org on campus, obviously, EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY'S POETRY SOCIETY!! This group welcomed me from the jump - I've never been so accepted and I've made lifelong friends as well as memories to last a lifetime. Poetry Society is my world now and I couldn't imagine life on campus without it.


I brag that I don't have to travel very far to my school, and that since I am a commuter I don't have very much money to pay for room and board.


I brag about my degree and how beautiful my campus is. It has so many oppertunities for students and many well acknowledged degrees.


I brag about the student organizations that are all over the entire campus, and make it so simple and natural for a student to join.


I brag mostly about the great learning enviornments and how the teachers are always willing to help students out who are willing to seek the help. They will no necessarily reach out to students, but if a student approaches a teacher for help or understanding on a certain grade, they are very good at getting back to the student. On campus, areas like the library, make it very easy to find a study area that has easliy accesiable materials.


I'm sure I'll find something to brag about when I begin classes this Fall.


When I tell my friends about my school I am always sure to let them know about the awesome activities Eastern always has whether it be a poetry slam or a movie night in the auditorium. Eastern is not just all work. They give you a wide variety of things to enjoy outside of classes and school work.


when i talk to my friends about my school o brag that the population there of students is very large. I brag about the numerous amount of activities and parties there that we have. I brag about the game room in the student center. I brag mainly about being able to see a free movie ever friday in the stundent center with other students from campus.


I brag the most about how I get the chance to play Quidditch and how I am really having some of the best days of my life.


The excellent programs that are offered here.


How nice the other students are around campus. Also some of my teachers that i have had have been great to me.


Most of the buildings are newer and I really enjoy taking classes in them. The majority of class rooms are learner friendly and are great for the classes I have taken!


If I do tell my friends things about the school, then they are usually about how much I like the Theatre department, especially in how well the students perform on stage, and also the classes are taught. The professors in this program are very inspirational and knowledgable about what they teach.


When I tell my friends about my school, I explain to them how important education is. I tell them how many great opportunities college has to offer. There's so much you can learn in college. I mostly brag about the many classes that Eastern offers and the job opportunities that are available.


I love my University. When talking with friends I often Discuss How EMU is a big university with a small college feel to it. Easten Michigan is a university where the professors make time to visit with students and have one on one time and even though it is a big university i like the fact that they get to know students personally. I love the fact that EMU is like a close family and very spirited.


the women look so good


The small classes and amazing teachers.


What I brag about the most when I tell my friends about my school is how friendly everyone is and how diverse the school is


I brag about the diversity at my school. There are over 100 clubs, organizations and societies at the university. No one is made to feel like an outsider.


I tell many friends that Eastern is a great school and well rounded for everyone it holds a place for everyone and it has a diverse group of people and the people are willing to help you out and the facility is very helpful and want to get involved to see you success and achieve your goals. The school is not going academic great but the interaction with other students are memorable because you meet and make new friends all the time. Its just a positive atmosphere to be in.


the power center is one of the best ive seen anywhere.


The care that the faculty took with me to make sure that I was successful in my journey to become a teacher. I also was able to live on or off campus as I needed and could afford to do.


I brag about the fact that Eastern is a good school.


I love how small the classes are and how helpful everyone is.


The classes are great. You ill like it here because it will give you the oppurtunity to do alot of things. There is always be something to do.


I tell them about the sorority I recently joined and how it has opened so many new opportunities for me. Not only does it give me multiple new leadership opportunities and making new friends, but it also supports academic success and helping our philanthropy, PCAA (Preventing Child Abuse Across America.) If your GPA is below a 2.5 you are put on probation and have to complete a certain amount of study hours a week. This organization had made my college experience a hundred times better.


I received a 1000 dollar scholarship for transfering in.


That I do very well on my difficult classes for my biology major.


That I play a varsity sport in college at the division 1 level.


I tell people how great my school is for the program I'm going into. I love going to Eastern and wouldn't change it for the world, especially going into teaching. I've met people here who have become my best friends and grown so much since being here.


I brag about the nice teachers, great learning enviroment and hot guys.


It produces great educators! Many prospective teachers get jobs after graduating.


As part of the classes i take they bring in people in the profession that i'm interested in to come and talk to the class. The professors want us to see and hear about a wide range of careers in our field to help us with our decision when we graduate. This helps immensely and having an idea of what career you want to go in helps with what direction of classes you should be taking to complete your degree.


I usually don't brag to my friends about my school. If I do say anything with pride I guess that our actual campus is pretty and that our student center and library are very nice.


The teacher preperation program is amazing!


GREAT education program!!


Prarie Biodiversification


I tell them how nice the campus is and how nice the classes are.


The business school was excellent.


That I finally feel grown-up because I'm away from home and doing everything on my own.


That everyone fits in here. It is a place where I had a chance, a real chance, to discovery who I am and what kind of person I want to grow up to be. There is always something to do or someone around campus to hang out with. There are lots people who are very helpful to others who may not know there way around. People are always willing to volunteer to help out the new students to make them feel welcomed.


I brag that the atmosphere is beautiful. The campus is a medium sized, which makes it easy to walk anywhere you want within ten minutes. It is the goldilocks school-- not too big, not too little, but it is just right. This also applies to the sizes of classes, which makes it perfect.


How much fun it is and the good teachers


Eastern has a pretty campus.


Everybody is really friendly and you don't feel too much presure to have to fit in.


Eastern Michigan has the best aviation program in michigan.