Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Introverts, honestly. At first glance, Eastern is a cute and quiet campus but once you're immersed in the culture you'll see that we're busy and loud and PROUD!


A person who has no motivation, is not focused, or does not study should not attend this school.


If you're not open minded about differences in people, whether it be their sexual orientation, their gender identity, their religion, their political affilation or anything else, I suggest you look elsewhere. Eastern Michigan is more open minded on these ideals and social constructs than other areas and you might not find yourself comfortable in your surroundings. If you enjoy the "party scence" Eastern is also not likely a school for you. Campus is often dead on the weekends and we have a strict policy for parties amongst the Greek Community.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who is not serious about their education. They should be interested in what they want to get a degree in or if they are not sure what they want to get a degree in then they should be open to the different possibilities that college has to offer.


Anybody can attend Eastern, however maybe depending on your major you probably don't want to attend Eastern. Like if you wanted to do something with culinary arts then Eastern will not be for you because Eastern doesn't have a way for the student to gain its potential.


A person who isn't dedicated to pursuing educational excellence and high quality academics.


Someone who likes the feeling of big schools.




A perons who is not committed to doing the work. There are so many people who take up spots just to party.


A person who is racist should not attend my college. Eastern Michigan is very diverse and we are very close to Detroit, so there are quite a few African Americans who attend this college. If you are uncomprtable with branching out of your racial or ethnic group, this is not the school for you.


There is no "kind of person" that should not attend Eastern Michigan University. There is a ton of diversity around the whole campus. It is a great place to go where you can comfortably fit in anywhere.


Really the only person who should attend this school are those who won't do well at a large university. Other than that my school is very accepting and welcoming of all kinds of different people from all walks of life.


The type of person that does not plan to actually focus on school.


The best thing about Eastern Michigan University is that everyone can and should attend. There are accomidations for everyone. Commuting is easy and accessible and the majority of people do so. For working students, there are night classes, online classes and even some weekend classes. This also applies to returning students who have careers and families. For the traditional student, all the expected aspects are also present: dorms, eateries, recreation center, etc. Everyone can benefit from this university.


I don't think there are any limitations to what type of people should or should not attend.


A person who isn't open to new experiences and accepting people of various cultures and ethnicities.


If you are dedicated to your studies and focus on your career, like to socializies with several different people and make new friends that will last a life time and like to get involved with the school events then this is the place for you but i feel that this university suits everyone in its own way. This college has a group, events and activities for everyone and it has one thing in common for every student, it's about your future and they wants what is best for you.


Someone who likes small schools. It is originally a baptist school and there are a lot of religious activities that go on. Anyone who likes to have fun and meet new people. The school hosts many activities on campus to get the students to get to know each other. They also have many community service opportunites.


I don't think there is a type of person that shouldn't attend Eastern Michigan. It is a great place to learn, grow, and meet alot of interesting people.


The type of person that should not attend Eastern Michigan University would have to be a person who is looking for a lot of on campus activities. Eastern has some pretty good programs, but most of the students who attend are commuters and live at home.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is uncomfortable in a large student population and on a large campus.


One that has a problem with focusing.


closed-minded people.


A person who is not willing to work hard, be open-minded, or ask for help when they need it. People who only are in college to party and to get wasted every weekend will find themselves quite lonely here. That is not what our school is about!


Anyone should, as long as they are open and willing to explore and try new things.


Someone who is not open to new things or meeting different people. This school has a lot of diversity.


It depends, really. You have to be able to put up with a lot of crap from other people and the administration. It also depends on your major. Music majors tend to stay here, whereas engineering students tend to leave pretty quickly.




A person who is big on parties and drugs should not attend this school. Also people who do not take school seriously should not attend this school.


A person who does not push themselves academically.


Someone who wants lots of individual attention or who wants to stick out in the crowd.


Eastern Michigan University is geared towards a wide variety of students. As an academically-focussed individual, the resources on campus are very accomodating to those students who actively invest in their futures and possess the drive to succeede. The small classroom sizes allow for greater student-professor interaction, and provide more opportunities for research with a professor. Students truly feel like individuals, as opposed to "just a number."


Those who are going into an education field because its a good school for that. Or those who can deal with an unsafe campus and surrounding area.


People with money, or a brain.


A person who does not want to work hard at their school work. Eastern Michigan University does try and give you chances but if you do not follow through or change your ways, you will be ask to leave the college all together. There are many different ways to have fun and get your work completed at the same time.


Those who want more focused classmates.


A person that is open for new experiences and people.


really smart and/or rich people. you can do better.


Any kind of person, really. I think it is important to be open to diferent cultures and racial backrounds because EMU is very diverse. You don't have to be at the top of your class to get into EMU and there is quite a bit of finacial aid offered. EMU is a good place for anyone who knows exactly what they want to do or for anyone who is still trying to decide on a future.