Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost of housing! Oh man, oh man.


The options of food choices that we have on campus is limited, I wish that we had more things to choose from.


The most frustarting thing about my school is the amoun of general education classes I have to take. I can't even start my major classes until Winter semester of Sophmore year because I have so many gen eds I have to take. It's just frustrating because I want to start working on my major now.


Eastern is a commuter school, mainly, so students living on campus often visit home a lot on the weekends. During the evenings and Friday-Sunday, Eastern's campus is almost completely empty which makes it hard to really get the feeling that you're at college in the first place. It's harder to connect with students for class projects, but most are able to work with your schedule to find a good time and place to work.


Book information is not displayed early enough for me to get a best deal.


In my opinion, the most frustrating thing about attending Eastern Michigan is trying to find myself within the campus and figure where I fit in. Coming to Eastern was very difficult for me because I attended a large high school that was not diverse. Eastern in compare, is not large and very diverse. At times it's frustrating to overcoming where I came from and all I have known. It is a challenge that has hard days and easy days, but overall I wouldn't change it. It can be stressful, but I thought this school is change I needed.


The most frustrating thing about Eastern is all classes are uphill, so if you have problems with your legs, knees, etc., sometimes you jus don't want to go to class because of inclining while you walk.




The only thing I really don't like about the campus is that there aren't enough capus activities. The weekends I'm really up there I find myself getting bored.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the racial divide. I feel that students are very judgmental despite all the efforts made by the school to promote inter-racial friendships. There is very little respect between other students within the dorms and during classes.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the english classes. The professors assign students a variety of papers, the teachers gives back those papers for a student to make corrections but give no grade. At the end of the semester the professor gives you a final grade and it may be worst or better than the grade that you aimed for. No one ever knows what thier final grade is until your report grade is shown and its not fair because no one ever knew if they were failing or passing.


I do not find anything really frustrating anout my school. I love my University very much and would not transfer for anything. This is a very difficult question because i cannot think of anything that i do not like about Eastern Michigan University. I would consider it an honor to be able to graduate from this University!


I feel that my peers lack school spirit. I love my school, and if the school promoted more of its sports and programs then more students will be able to take pride in their school.


The most frustrating thing about Eastern Michigan, and any school at that is the fact that there is food everywhere. It is so tempting to eat junk all day. It's much diffrent from being at home and having someone moniter what you eat or make healthy food for you. When you get to college, you're more independent and you have to make good food choices for yourself.


The parking.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the weather. During the winter it gets extremely cold which makes very hard to go to class some days during the week.


I wish they would offer more online classes.


That there is nothing to do on the weekends. A lot of people go home or do not live on campus. It is very hard to make friends here.


That there are not that many women in the computer science program.


The most fustrating part about my school is the way some students behave. Even though some students are here to learn others are paying money to take classes and live on campus but party all day.


The amount of students they take for the nursing program and when you can enroll in the nursing program. But it's like that at just about every university or college that has a School of Nursing.


I find the parking at my school to be very frustrating. Since I am an art student, I have a lot of supplies that I have to carry on a regular basis. There really is no parking near the art buildings and the closest parking lots for students are filled with construction. I usually have to walk all of the way across campus and hope that all of my supplies and work stay in good shape.


This semester, the most frustrating thing I've encountered is the meal plan system. I find some of the venues to be overpriced and the dorms don't allow many items that I might like to have to create a pattern more suited for me. (I was recently contacted for having a rice cooker in my room... which is apparently against dorm rules.)


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking. I commute to school, and most days it is extremly difficult to find a parking spot. It takes me about a half hour to find somewhere to park, I wish there were more spots available.


The bad surrounding area. There is high crime in my opinion and although the campus is patrolled I still don't feel safe walking to my car at night after class.


The most frustrating thing about my school was that there were certain classes that were only taught at a certain time during the semester. For example, a World History class only being taught in Winter but not in Summer. If you needed a class in order to graduate and it was not offered, you would be forced to wait around for that class to begin again. Even if you have taken everything else that is needed.


Sometimes the classes are too big, or its hard to understand you teacher.


The most frustrating thing about Eastern Michigan University is the lack of competence in the general education academic advisors. Each one will tell you something different and usually, it messes up your whole plan.


Parking!!!! There's not enough parking. Most of the time you have to park on the furthest part of the campus and have to hike across to get to classes.


Being out on your own you have to mature very quickly and get your priorities in order.


Depends on situations. Books for class if you are lower class, financial aid if you are high class, finding a job if you have tons of classes.


Parking is very limited to commuters since the school is primarily commuters.


Eastern Michigan University has a bad reputation. Surrounding communities look at Ypsilanti and assume that EMU is a dangerous or low class school but it isn't. It is very frustrating to hear people talk badly about my school when there are so many grreat people, things, and ideas that result from EMU. The school has great programs and hard working staff and students, anyone who thinks otherwise should come visit our campus so we can prove them wrong!


Shoddy academic advising, and an unorganized financial aid advising center.


Trying to get financial aid.


Awful parking and the city around the university is scary.


The most frustrating thing is probably the fact that Eastern, as well as many other schools in Michigan, are not getting a lot of funding. This means that they have to raise tuition. Also, some of the facilities are outdated, but they can't be renovated because the money is not there.


There are a great deal of opportunities available to students on campus, yet there is very little time to engage in extracurricular activities if you have a full course load and aim to maintain a high GPA as required by scholarships.


I believe that Eastern tries so hard to make its Education degree seem so important, that those who don't take part in it (other majors) feel left out.


The most frustrating this is trying to reach the right counselor who will help you choose the correct classes for yoir major.


The business school is off the main campus; so having classes there interferes with ones schedule for the day.




Sometimes administrators give you the run-around. It can take a while to solve a basic scheduling or financial problem.


Lousy professors in upper-level classes. Commuting and PARKING.