Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Eastern was a nice distance away from my home that I would be on my own enough to start learning how to do things for myself and living my own life while being just close enough that if I needed to I could go home. Also, upon taking the tour of the college, I fell in love not only with the atmosphere but the beauty of all the buildings. There is more open grass and trees than I expected and so the nature that is on campus makes it feel more like a smaller community rather than a big city campus.


It was very close to my home


I decided to go to Eastern Michigan University because I was able to get away from home and go to a place that was big enough to explore but small enough to be a new home. The diversity and freedom of expression drew me in. It's a beautiful campus that you can truly be anywhere and just enjoy.


Well, I realized it was the only school from the 11 that I applied where I would know my professors and they would know me too. I also got the chance to work on undergraduate research 1st semester 1st term and a really good scholarship