Eastern Oregon University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Eastern Oregon University?


Anybody eager to get an education and want to become successful in life. While at the same time have the flexibility to work and have time with your family. Eastern Oregon University provides that with it many courses and flexiblity to attend.


A person who values a small time life and community anlong with hands on help and smaller classes. There are all sorts of sports opportunities from water to hiking and camping to snow sports.


Somebody that wants to receive a good education should attend this school. Somebody that enjoys smaller classes and constant interaction with professors would thrive at EOU. This school is great for Nursing students and Education students, but is also good for the Arts, the Sciences, and Business majors.


An outdoor loving type of person. Someone who doesn't mind cold winters. Someone who likes small towns, small campus, and small class sizes.


Students that enjoy the outdoors and a small community atmosphere would fit in perfectly. Most of the current students spend weekends camping, skiing, biking, hiking, and rafting. We have an outdoor center that allows students to rent any of the equipment needed for free. The campus is small, as are the class sizes. I feel that students that like a small and comfortable environment would love Eastern Oregon.


People who like the outdoors, friendly people, an equal place in the community and a good chance to become involved academically.


I think anyone in Oregon (or surrounding areas) that needs to do distance eduacation - especially working folks, should give EOU a try. My experience is that EOU works well for people who have a life and other responsibilities as the instructors will generally work with the student to figure something out when life interfers with education. If you're a busy person trying to "cram it all in" - this is the place for you. Also, anyone who really wants to have to think a bit will especially enjoy the anthropology and sociology courses that EOU offers.