Eastern Oregon University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Eastern Oregon University?


The most frustrating thing is the prices of food and thingsin the student store. It is very expensive to eat on campus and this affects me and a lot of my peers


The most frustrating thing about Eastern Oregon University is the dining hall plans and services. They are extremely over priced for the type of food and service we are receiving and there are very little nutritious meals offered. The times of the dining hall hours don't quite fall into everyones schedules, leaving you to spend flex dollars at the fast-food alternative to the dining hall just to get a good lunch in.


I did not find anything frustrating. I was an online student, so I didn't see campus much


The most frustrating thing about Eastern Oregon University is that it is sometimes difficult to find the right class at a the right time for your schedule because it is such a small school with what can be considered limited teaching staff.


That everyone knows everything about everyone. When you live in the dorms, there aren't many secrets. You get to know the rest of the freshman class for better or worse.


I'm a graduate with 2 majors from Eastern Oregon University taking a Physics course for the 2009/2010 year so that I may apply for Physical Therapy school. The most frustrating thing was that I had talked to my advisor at EOU and he knew my plan of PT school and it wasn't until I applied that I realized I needed Physics, even thought my advisor told me my major would get me into school. It took me out of the program for a year, and I just think we need to make sure we have better advisors.


I would say the most frustrating thing about EOU is the housing and meal plan that you are required to have freshman year. It was really expensive and unnessasary. The facilities were nice and it was helpful for making friends, but many students had to drop out because they couldn't continue paying for the dorms. The meal-plan required was a lot of money and the food was not very good. I had the smallest plan and i still didn't use all of my meals each week.


study hard and appply yourself


That it is 10 hours away from home.


The most frustrating thing about EOU in general is that we are a small school with limited recorces and a lot of red tape to wade through. For example, I got really frustrated when I and several other people with physical problems, including the prof, had to do class in an inaccessable lecture hall. They did move us when it was clear the sitation was dangerous, but it took another year to make the lecture hall accessable. EOU simply didn't have the money. Lkewise it sometimes takes a longer time for records trasfers and such due to size/ remotness.