Eastern Washington University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are soooo many students! definitely a bigger school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is probably trying to find a parking spot before class, or waiting on hold for an hour trying to talk to any of the departments on campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I can hardly afford to pay for it.


Ido not known any things about this school


The schedule of classes in not at all flexible for non-traditional students. There are very few night/evening classes or labs for students that do not live on campus and have compleltely available schedules. Almost all classes (that are full time - 5 units) meet once a day Monday through Friday. Again this is frustrating for anyone attempting to schedule classes around other commitments. Also, finanial aid has recently stoped covering most on-line classes which further exacerbates this problem.


The most frustrating thing at my school is that its very hard to find good jobs. My first quarter, it was difficult because I could'nt find a job that best suited me. Another thing thats fustrating about my school is the math class. The math program is very poor here as my school. I failed my Math class the first quarter and had to take it again in winter quarter.


The most frustrating thing about Eastern is it's size. There are alot of people so if you aren't very out going it can be hard to make friends. You have to be willing to take the intiative and actively try to make friends here. It's not very often that you just happen to make friends. Most people prefer to stay to themselves unless they are approached.


Lots of homework.


Probably that I prefer to live at home and so I take a bus to school. Or the long walk from the music building to the bus stops.


the weather flexuates alotaround here


We were not very diverse or exposed to diversity.


The financial aid department, but I know they have a lot of students to deal with.


The only frustrating aspect about my school is the fact that certain courses are only offered at specific times. That and the whole "transfer-student" process need to be re-evaluated as it has been very stressful for me to complete my four-years.


While I do believe Eastern is an excellent school for education and/or physical therapy majors, I view it more as a transition school-- like a community college only a bit more in depth. I believe that it offers a good base, and it helps to ease one from high school into the big bad world or college life. However, their government program is focused mainly on Criminal Justice, not political science... which totally sucks.