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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to not room with a person I knew. People told me to room with someone I didn't know, but I didn't listen. I thought that my friend and I would be fine all year, and man was I wrong. We were too comfortable with each other and didn't get along most of the time. My freshman year almost became miserable because we couldn't get along. Since we were together almost every minute of every day, we got annoyed with each other very easily. I wish I would have listened to all the people that told me to room with someone I didn't know. I believe I would have been a happier person, and more relaxed. But becuase I didn't listen to others, I learned from my mistake and will consider other people's advice in the future.


I know that the thought of going to school for another four years does not sound very appealing, but here are some benefits of attending college. A college degree offers a wide variety of career opportunities that are not available without a degree. Right now you may not realize what you have to offer others, but as you attend classes you will soon realize where you would make the biggest impact. College life is challenging but with determination you can obtain a degree. Some classes may be more challenging than other classes. You could be the first person in your family to obtain a degree, wouldn?t that be a great accomplishment. The cost of attending college is expensive but with help of financial aid and scholarships, that worry can be relieved. It is much easier to attend college immediately after high school than to wait until you are much older. Juggling a job, school and family is quite difficult. Save yourself that stress and go to college now. There is so much competition for employment and with a college degree you can have a better chance of getting that great job that awaits you.


Knowing what I know about college life now I would have to tell myself to choose which college to attend and not to dittle daddle. I would also like to tell myself that it is okay to talk to somebody and that the counselors are trying to help you not make you stressed out along with everybody else who keeps asking you where are you going to school and what do you want to be. I would also to tell myself to go to a community college first like I have done and then to later transition from here to a different college. The next thing I would tell myself after choosing a college out would be to tell myself to fill out and try harder on scholarships. I would also tell myself to fill out all correct forms and to send all information, like transcripts and SAT results, to the college of choice. This would all assure that I have the best transition from high school to college.