Eastfield College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I attended Eastfield College, I wish I would have known that I forsure wanted to attend another university to get my bachelors so I would have worked harder in my classes to raise my GPA.


I wish that I had known the value of the oppertunities at hand to the student continuing education immediately after high school. Attempting to fund a family and educational future in between school runs truly makes one appreciate the once very simplistic life.


So many things!! I really wished I would have known what my degree was going to be before I started going to community college. If I had that knowledge, I could have taken the classes I needed for my degree. That way, when I transfered, I could have had several of my basic engineering classes out of the way.


I wish that I had known what I was capable of academically, and had pushed myself harder in my first couple of years. I also wish that I had known to check for other sources of textbooks before buying at the bookstore.