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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Assuming that I could go back in time, to give myself advice, about college life and its transition, I would state that finding a college that one likes, as far as, its characteristics is helpful in making the transition. Those characteristics could be, for example, the degrees offered, the climate, location, and environment. It provides a more comfortable sensation of being in new surroundings. Visiting the campuses of interest would also be a good idea. Furthermore, being prepared to discipline oneself in commitment to the requirements of college courses is essential. Practice time management by using a calendar in planning ways, in which to use one's time. Learn to manage one's time while in high school with noting exam and term paper due dates. Forthwith, awareness of on-campus recreational events helps in being conscious of avoiding extensive partying. The main focus of being a college student is to become knowledgeable, in one's chosen major, for the obtainment of degree success. Take the advanced classes now offered in high school for college preparation. In addition, learn to study effectively by taking class notes and reviewing them each day. Overall, college experience is something that should be cherished.


If I were to go back in time with the hopes of enlightening young Destynee about the ways of the world, I would tell her to hit the ground running. It is important to put all your focus into one, or just a few aspects instead of trying to delve into everything all at once. I would tell young Destynee that she will find her place, but she has to be happy and fulfilled by her own means before that can happen. Even though there seems to be so many opportunities at this exact moment, if she focuses her time and energy on school, she will have more opportunities than she could dream! I would tell my young self that life is hard, and education is the one sure fire way to make everything run a little smoother. Above everything else, I would tell the Destynee of the past that friends and happiness will come naturally to those who persue their own dreams, and create their own path. Once she starts to achieve the goals she has set, the harder she'll push to reach the next. From here on out, the sky is the limit.


There are voices telling you you’re wrong. They’re criticizing your new major, Psychology. They’re complaining that you’ve been through this certainty before. They’re reminding you that your newly intended major will fall by the wayside as did English three months earlier and Political Science, just a few before that. I know they’re pointing out men and women whose futures look so bright, whose plans are coming fruition. Believe me when I tell you those voices are yours, stop. The people you meet and who seem to have it all figured out see you the same way. You are talented. You are beautiful. You are loved. That’s all those people see and that’s everything you overlook. Know, deep down, you have no idea what you will do after school but embrace that side of you. Only then, being guided by your intuition, will you be on the right track to finding your calling.


A few months have passed since I started college and I am understanding and realizing how everything is connected. If I could go back and talk to my high school self, there would be many things I would say. Taking the step forward and not procrastinating in actively looking for colleges is important. This school could be where you are spending the next four years and you want to set yourself up for success with a school that fits for you. Whenever the opportunity arises, apply for scholarships. There are so many opportunities for students to be awarded grants and all that is needed is the application. College is not cheap and when I finish my four years, there will be debt for me to pay off. At least applying for scholarships gives you the possibility of reducing your debt. Lastly, college is not as scary as it looks. Do not over analyze your college experience because it will all fall into place. Take this opportunity to start new things and start living a life of your own. Spend your time in college wisely because you only have so much.


The main thing I would tell myself is not to worry about meeting new people. I was almost terrified of coming to college only because I didn't think I would be able to make any friends. I didn't have many good friends in high school, and this was mainly because I was so different and more unique than many people at my school. I would tell myself that everybody else starting college is also in the same situation, and they were probably thinking the same thing as me. Diversity is an overwhelming factor at a small school like the one I attend, and I've ended up finding many people who have the same interests as me. I would tell myself that I would have no problem meeting people at college, but I needed to be open about it and not shy away.